Dragon Ball Super Episode 86 Spoilers "Android 17 vs Goku"

Dragon Ball Super Episode 86 Spoilers "Android 17 vs Goku"

Dragon Ball Super Episode 86: “Trading Blows For the First Time! Android 17 vs Son Goku!!” April 16th

Goku and Android 17 have their first meeting! What will be the result of this scouting attempt?

Goku visits Android 17 in order to recruit him as a team member for the “Tournament of Power” No.17’s been living as an animal reserve ranger, and his answer is…?

Goku This Week: How will he face this Android?
As Goku and Android 17 talk about old times, they end up fighting a match together. How will Goku fight against the now more powerful Android 17?

As you know 17 was revived back with everyone else, but that happened off screen, but we did see him in Dragon Ball Z as a park ranger. Also, he was seen giving his energy to Goku’s Spirit Bomb, which also tells us that he is a good guy now. He went on to live peacefully and also has a family now.

We never actually see Android 18 train or engage in any serious fight after Android- Cell Saga. So, I always wondered, and I am really interested to know how fast they can increase their power if they train. You know both 17 and 18 were originally humans, and Dr. Gero enhanced or developed them as per requirement. Which means they are basically what we understand by Cyborgs; so most likely, provided they get the training they can power up faster than just normal humans.

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