Dragon Ball Super: Gohan & Vegeta To Be Key Fighters Of Current Arc?

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With the way the plot of the Future Trunks arc is currently going, it would not be surprising at all if Gohan or Vegeta, not Goku, would be the fighters that would ultimately be the key to winning the fight against Black Goku.

Dragon Ball Super has definitely picked up since the Future Trunks arc began. With a nasty new villain and the future in danger once more, the stakes in the anime have never been higher. Couple that with Akira Toriyama’s announcement that the gods of destruction and the Omni King himself will get involved, and the series definitely seems to be reaching new heights.

However, one thing that fans have been noticing is that most of the conflicts in the Dragon Ball Super anime so far have been solved by the franchise’s most iconic character, Son Goku. Just a few episodes ago, Son Goku traded blows with Black Goku, the big bad of the new arc, and it immediately became clear that the villain was no match for the Z fighter.

Thus, many fans of the franchise have begun feeling a little bit underwhelmed if Goku takes the spotlight once more. After all, Dragon Ball has a very large cast of notable characters, with a number of them being very powerful fighters themselves. Good examples of these characters would be Vegeta and Gohan, two fighters which, so far, have not been given a chance to shine in the new anime yet.

While Gohan has been shown to have transformed into a peace-loving father, the premise of his family dying a most painful death in the future might be enough for the once-great fighter to don his Gi and enter the fight once more. After all, Gohan is very powerful himself, and in Dragon Ball Z, it was even speculated that he would eventually exceed his father’s power and strength. If Gohan does make an appearance in the fight against Black Goku, it would definitely be yet another memorable moment in Dragon Ball Super.

Another character that fans think might be pivotal to the current arc is Vegeta, who has already shown immense anger at Black Goku after finding out that his wife, Bulma, brutally died at the hands of the villain in the future. Considering that Vegeta is a close second to Goku in terms of his power, fans believe that the Future Trunks arc would be twice as compelling if the Saiyan Prince would indeed be the fighter who would end Black Goku once and for all.

If any, the inclusion of Vegeta and Gohan in the fight against Black Goku would definitely be a welcome premise for fans of the series. Then again, Dragon Ball Super has been proven to surprise fans every now and then. Vegeta vs. Black Goku or Gohan vs. Black Goku might very well happen.

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