‘Dragon Ball Super’ Movie discloses Updated Poster

‘Dragon Ball Super’ Movie discloses Updated Poster

Weekly releases of Dragon Ball Super may be done, but the movie has not give up completely. As Dragon Ball Super’s Universe Survival Arc comes to an end, , but Toei Animation plans to keep the Dragon Ball Super banner high in theaters. This year, the series’ first movie will make its debut, and a brand-new poster for the feature has gone live.
Well, mostly new at least. It seems that Shueisha gave the film’s premiere poster a bit of a makeover.

Recently, the latest issue of Saikyo Jump has been released in Japan, and this includes a new poster for Dragon Ball Super’s movie. The image, as seen below, does not give fans a new look at Goku – but it does feature a whole bunch of Dragon Balls.

The crowded image features Son Goku in his orange Gi-glory. The hero seems to be quite minimal due to his new design, and his bright colors are a clear change from his normal appearance in Dragon Ball Super. The poster also has the same logo and release information as the first, but it does spruce up its original text. And, if you look behind Goku, you can see colored outlines of the Dragon Balls floating around Goku.

So it is good to know that the relics are still relevant. Dragon Ball Super fans almost forgot the items that existed after Jiren appeared in his blockbuster movie, so this upcoming movie may tap into their power as a reminder.

Right now, fans do not have a lot of details about the Dragon Ball Super movie , but they have a teaser trailer that can be seen above. Not long ago, a short film was released, showing that Goku was preparing to fight a completely new villain strange icy tundra. Videos suggest that the movie will uncover the unlimited potential of the Saiyan race, so fans can expect Goku to play an important role in this yet-titled feature. So, this is to hope Vegeta gets a bit of its spotlight as well.

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