Dragon Ball Super Movie Official Trailer! The True Story Behind Saiyan GOD?

Dragon Ball Super Movie Official Trailer! The True Story Behind Saiyan GOD?

The Movie has been announced by TOEI in Jump Fiesta- Which is like the biggest anime comic-con like thing of Japan. Ofcourse the movie script and character designs will be done lead by Akira Toriyama.

This trailer is really making everyone go crazy right now! The trailer doesn’t specifically show who Goku is fighting but it is most likely a new Saiyan or the Saiyan GOD himself. It must be Yamoshi according to me or something even more ancient. Toriyama confirmed that the movie will be about the Saiyans and Frieza maybe.

We can see that the guy is someone with a bit of dark complexion and yellow eyes. His eyebrow style and clothes are kinda similar to primal Saiyans and Bardock. I think it’s 90% a Saiyan but we need more details to say anything for certain. Plus, the guy is looking so angry, only Saiyans are capable of getting this angry (jokes aside).

He doesn’t seem to have some normal type of ki as well. It’s like some divine type of ki is radiating from it. Like you know, like how it was with Broly and Kale? The true Legendary Super Saiyans? Maybe it is a descendant of Yamoshi from Universe 7 or some other Universe? The possibilities are ENDLESS and we can’t control ourselves.

You can see him all buffed up and getting powered up as well in the teaser. God Damn, I just can’t control myself. I NEED MORE of this. I think you all feel the same, don’t you? Damn GUYS! We need more info. I think we will get some Japanese or Korean spoilers soon. I hope Herms98 and YonkouProd translates them for us ASAP!

The art also seems a bit goofy and cartoonish to me in this trailer. I don’t know if this is because they tried to release a teaser so soon and they were in a hurry or something. The Fans are not so happy with the animation quality and it’s just been an hour since it was released. Well let’s see what the movie brings!

The movie would be airing on December 14, 2018. It surprisingly corresponds with the Jump festival too. This was a very well calculated plan by the authorities. This movie could be the one which might JUST break nearly ALL the box office records ever made in the history. I am pretty sure our community will do it!

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