‘Dragon Ball Super’ next major arc announcement this December plus big DBS spoilers – Mafuba Jar is crucial, Vegito confirmed

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‘Dragon Ball Super’ next major arc announcement this December plus big DBS spoilers – Mafuba Jar is crucial, Vegitto confirmed (Photo : Twitter/Herms98)

The next major arc of “Dragon Ball Super” is just months away, Akira Toriyama is set to present the arc this year. A “Dragon Ball Heroes” live stream has revealed some major spoilers regarding “Dragon Ball Super” as Goku and Vegeta fusion is confirmed. Also, there is no Nozawa voicing Zamasu as Merged Zamasu will be one voice.

Warning: This article contains spoilers from “Dragon Ball Super” episodes. Read to know more.

“Dragon Ball Super” next major arc announcement

According to the live stream of Heroes, the new arc from the original draft by Toriyama will be showcased in December 2016 at Jump Fiesta, noted TheDevilsCorpse on Twitter.

The Jump Fiesta is scheduled for Dec. 7-8, 2016 and we can expect the new arc of “Dragon Ball Super” by Toriyama. However, it has to be seen when it will become of the anime. It is likely that we will see “Dragon Ball Super” fillers between this arc and the next major one.

“Dragon Ball Super” Spoilers: Who is voicing Merged Zamasu?

Merged Zamasu will not be a dual voice as the job is being done by voice actor Miki. Also, the voice work of Goku and Vegeta fusion has been completed.

Nozawa and Horikawa recording Vegito?

Also, Horikawa and Nozawa have entered the studio to record a merged voice and it is predicted that they are voicing Vegito (Goku and Vegeta fusion using the Potara earring).

“Dragon Ball Super” current arc spoilers: Importance of Mafuba Jar

It has been revealed that the Mafuba jar, currently being repaired by Future Trunks, is crucial to save the future.

In “Dragon Ball Super” episode 63, the Mafuba jar was destroyed as Bulma and Future Trunks decided to fix it using glue.


Stay tuned for “Dragon Ball Super” spoilers and news. Share your thoughts and views about the new “Dragon Ball Super” announcements in the comments section below.


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