‘Dragon Ball Super’ Reveals Altered ToP Elimination Order

‘Dragon Ball Super’ Reveals Altered ToP Elimination Order

“Universal Survival” Arc of Dragon Ball Super ends with an epic finale to the Tournament of Power in the anime, but as usual, the manga has a a slightly different take on events. One of the biggest differences we are seeing is the order of elimination of the tournament, with the Dragon Ball Super chapter 34 revealing that the Z-Fighters of the Universe 7 will suffer some sort of different losses!

In chapter 34, the first two Team Universe 7 eliminations are like the anime: Krillin comes out first, and Tien then follows. However, in the manga, Universe 6’s Frost who eliminates both Krillin and Tien; In the anime, Frost actually defeats Krillin first, but Tien is knocked out by Hermila of Universe 2, but manages to drag Hermila out along with him.

The opening of the tournament in the manga shows that Frost wrack up a lot of eliminations right off the bat, giving out three or four fighters, as opposed to eliminating Krillin just like in the anime. Frost is promptly betrayed by the Freeza, without which Freeza even bothering to show him their fully-powered form, as in the anime. The Trio De Dangers wolf team of Universe 9 are also eliminated by Freeza, instead of being attacked by Vegeta and Goku’s SSB combined Kamehameha.

At the end of the matter, Universe 9 was the first to be eliminated, with Freeza and Frost eliminating all of its team members. With the Universe 7 down to the two team members, Beerus threatens that if the doesn’t perform, he will destroy them if Grand Zenos does not do it first!

The manga arc makes the whole Frost/Freeza alliance a much less important story point than the way the anime dangled it like a red herring – but it also makes Frost look like much more of a badass than anything we saw in the anime. That’s particularly interesting, in that the finale of the Tournament of Power restored Universe 9 to existence, and presumably Frost along with it. Fans have been speculating about where a resurrected Freeza will go next after the ToP, and one possible route is a fusion with his counterparts in other universes (whether they want it or not). After seeing Goku break his limits to reach Ultra Instinct, and Vegeta reaching SSB2, Freeza knows he needs a new power-up, and Frost could definitely be the key.

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