‘Dragon Ball Super’ Rumors: Will This Be the Last for Goku?

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We have seen Goku defend Earth since time immemorial. He battled some of the baddest alien in the universe. And he has risen up to every occasion sand emerges as the strongest of them all. But with the latest version of Dragon Ball – Dragon Ball Super – are we going to see the last of Goku?


Evolution of Dragon Ball

Since the mid-80’s, we have followed how Son Goku, an alien born of a Saiyan race. Kakarrot, as he is known for with the mighty Saiyans, we follow the journey of Goku since he was a young child who grew up knowing he’s a normal child. But as circumstances arise, comes with the true nature of his blood – a mighty Saiyan.

Since then, we’ve seen Goku battle all the best the universe has to offer. Starting with Piccolo in Dragon Ball, we follow Goku’s adventure in Dragon Ball Z where he battled the Prince of Saiyan Vegeta, the galactic tyrant Lord Frieza, the two Androids, Cell, and Majin Buu.

Then comes Dragon Ball GT followed by the remake of Dragon Ball Z called Dragon Ball Z Kai. And with every series comes Goku’s evolution, morphing one notch higher until he becomes the strongest Saiyan in the universe – as Super Saiyan 4.

Dragon Ball Spinoff

There are actually nineteen Dragon Ball movies, seventeen of which runs from the first Dragon Ball up to Dragon Ball Z. The final two movies, perhaps this you are all aware of, were released in 2013 (Battle of Gods), and 2015 (Resurrection ‘F’). Both these two films introduced the most powerful beings in the universe, including the God of Destruction himself, Beerus, and his longtime companion and master, Whis.

And like we have learned from the previous versions of Dragon Ball, there are other beings capable of massive destruction, so powerful they can easily destroy even an entire planet. But in this latest version of Dragon Ball – Dragon Ball Super – things look very different.

The Final Version of Dragon Ball – Dragon Ball Super

Dragon Ball Super has five different stories or arcs and it started by retelling some stories from the last two movies – Battle of Gods and Resurrection ‘F’. The other three arcs are (3) Universe 6, (4) Potaufeu, and Future Trunks.

Like the initial stories of Dragon Ball, Universe 6 is no different – a tournament between the most powerful beings for the ownership of a nameless planet in Universe Six. By the way, there are twelve universes in Dragon Ball! The Potaufeu arc introduces a very powerful cloned Vegeta who almost defeated Goku.


Perhaps the most destructive of all Dragon Ball Super arcs is the Future Trunks where Goku will face his other self from another universe – Goku Black. Looking at how the story goes, it’s likely that Goku might have additional help in order to win this battle. How does this battle end? Only the creators know.

But looking back to where it all began, it seems Goku is ready to start a new beginning, and the baton should be passed along to whoever is deemed worthy – Trunks, Goten, Gohan. Yet one thing’s certain – the story is telling that the fighting days of Goku is near to a close.


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