‘Dragon Ball Super’ Spoilers: Zamasu the Mastermind; Reincarnated Goku Into Black?

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“Dragon Ball Super” spoilers are suggesting some interesting theories about the connection between Zamasu and Black Goku. It was previously speculated that the two are somehow connected to each other, but new theories are hinting that the two are the same prson.

In a Reddit forum, “Dragon Ball Super” fans offered some interesting speculations and theories regarding Zamasu and Black Goku’s identity. Although not everyone believes the same thing, a handful of fans have already pointed out some interesting details to look out for “Dragon Ball Super.”

“I think Zamasu might be the mastermind or the one who started it all,” user decompoze noted. “He was the one who reincarnated/revived Goku of the future into Black. Thus, like Uub who was revived/reincarnated as a human and as a pure hearted warrior, opposite happened to the pure hearted Goku that became a pure evil like kid buu.”

“So Black is a new being. The reason he grows stronger is similar to how the damage was converted into energy and power by Babidi. If zamasu is a kaioshin or maikaioshin…. then such techniques might be possible. If Goku was revived as a new being, that would explain why Black is able to use the time ring.”

“Beerus says that Black’s ki feels like “Son Goku, yet not Son Goku,” user Terez27 shared. “My impression is that Beerus is saying his ki is a mixture of parasite and host, which would strongly support the idea that he actually stole a real Goku’s body, one way or another, rather than having made a copy, though I guess it could be a DNA copy.”

What do you think of these “Dragon Ball Super” spoilers and theories? As previous “Dragon Ball Super” spoilers hinted, the mystery behind Black Goku’s real identity will be revealed in episode 52, 53 and 54. The plot of the following episodes were leaked online and Attack of the Fanboy has the details.

According to the “Dragon Ball Super” spoilers teased on the site, the coming episodes will look into the possibility that Black Goku and Zamasu are the same persons. Fans could also witness Vegeta training Future Trunks.


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