Dragon Ball Super Synopsis episode 79 and 80

Dragon Ball Super Synopsis episode 79 and 80

We bring you the official synopses for the following chapters of Dragon Ball Super

These last weeks we have been waiting for the beginning of the saga between the universes, and just in time we were revealed the synopsis for the following episodes from 78 to 80, and since we have already seen chapter 78 this time we go with the synopsis Of the next two, 79 and 80 where we will see the result of the fight between Majin buu and Basil, as well as for the first time a serious fight in a long time by Gohan. So without further ado, let’s go through the translations of these new synopses.

Episode 79: Universe 9’s Kicker Basil vs U7’s Majin Buu!!

Summary: A Battle vs U9! Majin Buu is up in the 1st round!!

A match attended by Omni-King is held as preliminary to the Tournament of Power. The battle begins! U7’s first fighter is Majin Buu!! But U9’s Fighter Basil is a pretty tough adversary too! A battle for their Universes is at stake, U7 VS U9 and The Omni-Present Match finally begins!

U7’s Contestants are Goku, Gohan and Buu. The losing Universe will be wiped out! U9’s Contestants are Lavenda a slouching wolf with suspenders and Bergamo a tall wolf with a scarf and Basil a red wolf with a cape.

Omni King This Week: very interested in Buu’s Fight!

The two Omni-Kings (present and future) watch over the outcome of the battle from their seats. Omni-King leans out of his seat as he watches Buu laugh despite being at a disadvantage!

Episode 80: awaken a hidden fighting spirit son – Gohan Fight!

The 2nd round of the omnipresent match vs u9’s Lavenda, and Gohan is sprayed in the face with poison mist and loses his eyesight, unable even to sense his opponent’s ki, Gohan is beaten around, but. as we could finally see Gohan recovered the fighting spirit. Hopefully so for Videl too later. This synopsis reveals a rather interesting thing which is one of the skills of Lavenda and this is very curious as it seems that the three wolves have a tendency to use poison like Frost. It is possible that by this we see Daishinkan be annoying in advance, because if the rules of the tournament are like the ones of the earth they use poison then as with Frost, it should be a disqualification, but again, perhaps the rules are used under conveniences.

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