Dragon Ball Super Top 5! Universe 6 Arc!

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Hello Guys and Gals! Here’s my top 5 moments in the Universe 6 Arc!

5. Vegeta & Cabba!


Vegeta’s character development in Dragon Ball Super has been great. He’s still the moody, angry and prideful Saiyan we’ve always known, only now, he has a heart. A heart for his family and a heart for the Saiyan race. A great example of this is a battle in the Universal tournament, where Vegeta faces a Saiyan from Universe 6, Cabba.


Vegeta’s disappointment in Cabba at his inability to transform into a Super Saiyan, leads him to train him during their battle. Though in the eyes of the spectators, Vegeta seems to have lost it, mercilessly beating Cabba to a pulp, until, he pushes him to the limit, threatening his home planet and his family. Cabba steps back and transforms into a Super Saiyan! After Vegeta, in his Super Saiyan Blue form, one shots Cabba in the stomach and taking the win, Cabba bows and thanks him. Great moment, short and sweet with a fantastic fight scene and again, Vegeta’s character development!

4. Monaka!


Come on now, admit it! You thought as well as I, that Monaka was the strongest person ever to face Lord Beerus! They pushed this on us! It’s classic Toryama, to have a character that looks weak, ends up being the mightiest! What a plot twist! And when Monaka’s true identity was revealed to us, I loved him more than if he was the strongest. He was hilarious and such a sweet character, a delivery driver with huge nipples that blacks out and freezes at any sign of danger!


In order to motivate Goku and Vegeta, Lord Beerus introduces Monaka as the strongest person he’s ever faced. Beerus insists that Monaka fights last in the tournament. And the reason being? He’s actually a fraud! Unfortunately for Monaka the events of the tournament leave him to face Hit! Monaka one shots Hit straight out of the arena! (in reality, Hit forfeited) and grabs the victory for Universe 7!

3. Time Skip Technique!


‘The flawless’ Hit! Legendary assassin from Universe 6, over 1000 years old and user of a very unique technique, known as ‘Time Skip’. Hit can move through time at a speed of 0.1 sec (to start with!) What a technique! When we saw Hit prevent Frost from stealing the Cube, somehow disabling him by attacking his vital points! I had shivers down my spine! Then he takes down Super Saiyan Blue Vegeta so easily! I thought, ‘this guy’s unstoppable! That technique’s unstoppable!’


The Galactic King states that he’s seen this technique before and with his help, along with Jaco and witnessing Vegeta’s battle, Goku is able to stand up against it! But Hit can improve in such a fast rate, it causes Goku to use an unstable, unfinished technique! But Hit continues to improve! There seems to be no limit! I wonder just how powerful or how advanced Hit can become? His return, and the return of the Time Skip technique, for me, would be an epic and unforgettable moment in Dragon Ball Super!

2. Beerus & Champa!


Lord Beerus is my favourite character from Dragon Ball Super! It’s so funny how such a strong figure, God Of Destruction, can be so comical! And it turns out he has a twin brother, Champa, who is also a God Of Destruction and is also just as comical! Each individually has me rolling around holding my stomach! From Champa banging his leg on the table and screaming at Hit, to Beerus trying to keep Monaka’s identity a secret! But when they come together, they act exactly how you would imagine! Constantly bickering and fighting! Anyone with a sibling can relate and it’s that realism that makes it so entertaining for me!


Champa convinces Beerus to hold a tournament between Universe 6 and Universe 7! They both chose 5 fighters of their choice and the winner gets either the Earth of Universe 7 or the 6 Super Dragon Balls, Champa had gathered! The tournament ends with Universe 7 as the victors and Lord Beerus uses the Super Dragon Balls to wish for the Earth of Universe 6 to be restored, for the love of his brother! (though he’d never admit that was the reason!)

1. SSJB Kaio-Ken x 10


It’s every fans dream, surely? I mean, how epic can you get? Me personally? I loved it! That scene now motivates me before every Gym session! The Super Saiyan Blue form, using God Ki, takes a calm mind and Ki control, add that to a technique taught by a God, then multiply by 10! You get an amazing battle between Goku and Hit, both constantly getting faster, stronger and wiser by the punch! Definitely in the top 5 fight scenes of the whole series!


Struggling with Hit’s seemly never ending increase of power and skill, Goku resorts to using a technique he claims to be unfinished and one he was saving to fight Lord Beerus! Combining both Super Saiyan Blue and Kaio-Ken, Goku reaches a new hight in power and speed but only to damage his body and struggles to control his Ki, quite some time after the tournament has ended!

Was it worth it? I say yes!! Because it entertained the Hell out of us!!

That’s my top 5 moments from the Universe 6 Arc! I’d like to hear yours! Please comment!

Thanks for reading!


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