Dragon Ball Super- Why Goten and Trunks Aren’t In The Tournament of Power?

Dragon Ball Super- Why Goten and Trunks Aren’t In The Tournament of Power?

Ever since the Universe 7 team for the upcoming fate deciding Tournament of Power was revealed. Fans kept bringing up one question over and over again!

Why the heck is Goten and Trunks not in the Universe 7 Team while some of the human Z fighters who are thought to be weaker are?

We just finished watching Dragon Ball Super Episode 83, and they finally addressed the issue. After getting a glimpse of their opponent at the Zen Exhibition, Goku and Gohan are now forming the Universe 7 team. The Supreme Kai suggests Trunks and Goten, as they seem to have high potential, but Goku rejects that right away. Goku explains that they are too straight forward, and most importantly the tournament is not only a contest of power. They are just not experienced enough for something like this.

Many fans are now apparently questioning this decision of Goku, but I agree with him 100%! I have been explaining the team, the same way ever since the beginning.

There are quite a few factors that support this decision, individually they are not great combatants, even if they fuse it wouldn’t last for long, and still, they wouldn’t be a good choice anyway. They just don’t have the seriousness and would get caught off guard.

You also have to consider that it’s going to be a team game, and you must have variety in the team. We already have three extremely powerful Saiyan, why bring in 2 more?

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