Dragon Ball Super- Will Gohan Be Great Again?

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Dragon Ball Super recently started listening to their fans and started making decisions that can make money, and the fans want the Gohan back the way he is meant to be. Return of Future Trunks made me 100% confident that Gohan will return sooner or later. It might not happen in the next arc, but it will happen, believe it.

Episode 67 marked the end of ‘ Future Trunks ‘, and at the very last moment when Trunks already got in the time machine Gohan appeared along with Piccolo to say goodbye to Trunks. Gohan has acted unbelievably when Trunks went to meet him. No matter how much of a family guy you are. The ignorance was at its peak when Gohan didn’t even bother to ask Trunk why he was here after all this time.

It looks like, after Goku and Company went to the future to fight Zamasu and things were getting bad. Gohan finally came to know all about it, and felt bad for being such an Ahole. So, he came to say bid farewell and it was also in a way apologizing to Trunks. Like, I messed up you understand right bro?

Of course this created a beautiful moment for us, as Trunk got some flashbacks of Future Gohan. Most importantly we see some notable changes in Gohan. His hairstyle is better, similar to the Buu arc time when he went mystic. His clothes are less nerdy; he even seems a bit buffed. Interestingly enough he is with Piccolo. Hinting that he might have been training; we actually had a segment before the U6 vs U7 tournament where Gohan trained with Piccolo. If you pay attention in almost all the arcs they have given Gohan some screen time taunting a possible return. Even when Trunks met Gohan, and they made it clear that Gohan is a family guy now. It’s a strategy to drop our expectations and so when he returns it feels like a bigger surprise. According to the latest revealed titles, in Episode 71 Hitman Hit will return for some business, fortunately for action lovers this time his business is with Goku as someone hired him to kill Goku. In the tournament, HIt was restricted by rules, without any restrictions Hit should be able to kill Goku, but we don’t know that for sure. If Goku do get killed the next arc could be the perfect time for Gohan to return.


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