Dragon Ball Z: Who do you like better, Goku or Vegeta?

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Well Thank some fan anonymous for the A2A. I would love to answer this.

I have watched all the episodes starting from Dragonball and watched goku grow from the innocent, funny kid to the innocent, funny adult. His character is straight from a fairy tale: the never give up attitude, his coolness in the face of danger and a pure heart unable to harbour hate for even the worst of his enemies.
“Who knows what would have happened? Life is too small to have regrets” from Goku is one of my favourite quotes from DBZ.

But I would have to still give it to Vegeta. Why? Lets compare the two one by one.

Cool Goku arrived earth in a spaceship, sent as a baby to an alien planet unknown to his knowledge that his home planet is just gonna blow. Not anything against toriyama, but reminds me too much of superman.
Grows up improving as a fighter, meeting stronger villains, growing as a fighter…and that’s it, the story of Goku.

Vegeta: A prince of a race of fierce and ruthless fighters, raised to be the best of his race by his father, the only one he probably ever respected and taken in by one of the most powerful and cruel conquerors of the universe, who unknown to his knowledge destroyed his race and his father and who kept him alive only for his efficieny as a fighter.

Vegeta: 1 Goku:0

Goku: Goku has always aimed to push himself beyond the limits and emerge stronger than everyone that he encounters, friend or enemy. Just like that rare kid who studies so that he can study more. No matter what challenge you pose him, he’ll eventually overcome it

TC Anime Blog - Dragon Ball Z like better goku vegeta

Vegeta: Vegeta is second strongest. What more can I say.

Have to give this to Goku.

Vegeta: 1 Goku: 1

DBZ has always shown Vegeta to be the tactician, the one to take advantage of the enemy’s weakness. He would readily lie and fake earlier in the series, on Namek and the android saga. He evetually became a sort of good guy after trunks happened.
I would say both Goku and Vegeta are equal in judging the opponent but this one has to go to Vegeta. Although, Goku still gets the credit for coming up with the full-power super saiyan.

Vegeta: 2 Goku: 1

Goku is a nice guy. He married ChiChi cause he had promised her as a child even though he thought it was something related to food. He is no nice he would have married Launch had she asked him. Funny yes, interesting not really.

TC Anime Blog - Dragon Ball Z like better goku vegeta

Now, Vegeta is a “warrior” and romance is the last thing on his mind. Sad, cause he was always an eligible bachelor, proud prince and all. Well, he and Bulma “got close” sometime before the arrival of the androids. Yet, he never admitted to loving her or trunks. Talk about complicated. Of course, it became clear with future trunks but he only admitted it before his sacrifice. For your complicated love life, I give you another point Vegeta.

TC Anime Blog - Dragon Ball Z like better goku vegeta

Vegeta: 3 Goku: 1

Proud Prince, husband to the heir of the richest man on the planet, an expert taunter. Goku doesn’t even changes his uniform. And he is still to come up with a super attack of his own(you can count the dragon punch, but that’s non canon).
Vegeta takes Bulla to shopping and even sported a moustache once(though he really looked a douchebag then). This one was really a no-contest

TC Anime Blog - Dragon Ball Z like better goku vegeta

Vegeta: 4 Goku: 1

Conclusion/ TL;DR : Vegeta is way more interesting than Goku. The only point that favours Goku is that he’s a better fighter and a pure hearted, caring, loving guy (the ideal guy, in short).

This is my opinion. What Do You Think?

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