What is your most “dream to collect” Pokemon in Pokemon GO?

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As we already knew, the rarety of Pokemons are totally depends on location of player. So, it will be interesting to know in which places are some Pokemons most desirable for trainers.


At the beginning of this game, I saw the number of Magikarp candies that was needed to catch a Gyarados and I thought for sure that would be the rarest Pokemon. However, after spending a day at the pier and evolving a Gyarados myself, that is no longer the case.

My most “dream to collect” Pokemon would have to be Alakazam or Gengar.


As a child, I remember there were two Pokemon that I loved to death: Alakazam and Gengar. One was psychic type and one was ghost type. And you had to trade to get both of them which made them seem that much more exclusive. On top of that, they were some of the most powerful Pokemon in the entire game so when this game was released, my goal was to get an Alakazam or a Gengar. I will admit that I’m still pretty far from either (I have a Kadabra, but only have 10 Ghastly candies), but that’s okay because it’ll keep me playing the game for a while.

Also, just as a side note, when I was a child, I was also blown away by the fact that the evolutions of Abra were Abra Kadabra Alakazam. I was super into magic so this one fact astounded me when I found out (yes, more than when I found out Ekans was snake backwards and Arbok was kobra or cobra backwards). So there’s also that little nostalgic bit.

Plus, just look at how badass they look:


How about you? Comment and share your most “dream to collect” Pokemon in Pokemon GO with us!!!

By _ Michael Ligier

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