Frost’s True Power is showed off ‘Dragon Ball Super’ Manga

Frost’s True Power is showed off ‘Dragon Ball Super’ Manga

The Dragon Ball Super manga has been very different to the anime in most areas, however, the Dragon Ball Super manga may have revealed the biggest difference to date.

One character that many Dragon Ball Super followers felt was highly underutilised was Frost from Universe 6, especially when he was betrayed by Universe 7’s Frieza and knocked off the ring in the Tournament of Power.

Universe 6’s Frost was a character some fans felt was underutilized in Dragon Ball Super, and that much of Universe 6 was pushed by the wayside after their huge introductions in the Universe 6 arc.

In Chapter 34 of the manga, Frost forms a deal with Freeza much like the two did in the anime. But the deal changes here as Frost does much more damage to Universe 7 directly. Not only does he eliminate Krillin and Tien very easily, he’s about to eliminate Master Roshi as well before Goku jumps in and saves him.

Frost, then still listening to Freeza, goes on more of a rampage and defeats even more fighters from the Tournament of Power. In fact, he single-handedly eliminates all but three fighters (the Trio de Dangers) from Universe 9. He doesn’t even break that much of a sweat either as his power in these moments seems comprabable to Freeza in his final form.

But even with all this effort and power, Frost is still betrayed by Freeza. But instead of getting angry, Frost is still sitting in the sidelines of the tournament. With characters such as Frost getting plenty of time to shine in the manga’s version of the Tournament of Power, now fans look forward to others like Kale, Caulifla, and Hit can possibly getting different ends in the arc.

Changing the fate of so many warriors up to now in the Dragon Ball Super manga means that we can see even more differences in the way the other fighters from Universe 6 are eliminated.

Also, that means we could see other universes eliminated in different ways, as we should expect to see more differences to come. It will be interesting to see if these differences stretch out to Vegeta’s awakening or Goku’s Ultra Instinct form.

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