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Many of you are curious about, why Gear 5th (FINAL GEAR FORM) will be called as I will tell you in this theory!

So let’s get started!!

There are a lot of things will be resembled to that Nightmare Luffy stuff.

TC Anime Blog - One Piece - Gear 5th

(Nightmare Luffy)

After a long thinking I’ve realized that, Nightmare/Horror Luffy would be a too simple name for Gear 5th!

1) Gear 4th is called “BOUND-MAN”.

TC Anime Blog - One Piece - Gear 5th

As we all know that already!

And what’s more better to have a name for Gear 5th as…


TC Anime Blog - One Piece - Gear 5th

Boogie-Man as the denominator of the final gear:
Bogeyman (usually spelled boogeyman in the U.S.; also spelledbogieman or boogie man; see American and British English spelling differences), pronounced /bʊɡimæn/ or /boʊɡimæn/, is a common allusion to a mythical creature in many cultures used by adults to frighten children into good behavior. This monster has no specific appearance, and conceptions about it can vary drastically from household to household within the same community; in many cases, he has no set appearance in the mind of an adult or child, but is simply a non-specific embodiment of terror. Parents may tell their children that if they misbehave, the bogeyman will get them. Bogeymen may target a specific mischief – for instance, a bogeyman that punishes children who suck their thumbs – or general misbehaviour, depending on what purpose needs serving. In some cases, the bogeyman is a nickname for the devil. Bogeyman tales vary by region. The bogeyman is usually a masculine entity, but can be any gender, or simply be androgynous.

2) The reasons are:

I know Gear 4th is foreshadowed by Nightmare Luffy, but don’t forget the final gear form too, which is going to be also foreshadowed by Nightmare Luffy!

And in the very first time It’ll be called “Nightmare/Horror Luffy” so to speak, because Luffy will be in that instable form as I mentioned that already.
And I predict that, the episode about Gear 5th will be titled as THE BEGINNING OF A NIGHTMARE – HORROR ON THE ISLAND OF THE GLORIOUS TREASURE!


Gear 5th’s Nightmare Luffy form WON’T NEED ANY SHADOWS!!


1000x more blood pump!
2x more air blow!
Directly in all kinds of systems


Because in fact, the human Body has 12 systems, But 5 of them are the main system!

  • Muscular System
  • Musculoskeletal System
  • Cardiovascular System
  • Neural System
  • Sensory System

And this is how it look like in Gears

Gear N (Luffy’s basic form) – Sensory System (Sights, Listening, Touching, Tasting and smelling)

Gear 2nd – Cardiovasc. System
Gear 3rd – Musculoskeletal System (Bones)
Gear 4th – Muscular System
Gear 5th – Neural System (Nerves)
Which means, Luffy needs to get angry… HARD.
And Jinbei’s death would be enough proof to get Luffy mad so hard and start pumping so much blood in his body!
Because an average human, if it gets angry, the heart pumps the blood 2x more faster in the human body. In the case of Luffy this will happen 1000x times faster, because he’s a rubber man! But that would seem a slow process, like he’s doing the Gear 2nd stuff for an hour or a day to get him bigger!And Gear 5th with haki will be like THIS!!

TC Anime Blog - One Piece - Gear 5th

(Gear 5th’s Haki – Golden Haki & Usual Haki)

Which is called “Color of the Monkey God”.

The powers of Gear 5th will be based on Horroristic powers.

Frankenstein (Electric powers) – Franken-Pulse Rifle, Franken Axe, etc.
Phoenix (The undying bird of hell, which means Red Hawk will be one a hell of a monstrous attack) –Phoenix Hellraiser,Phoenix Gun, etc.
Solomon Grundy! (opposite of Hulk, which will be equal with Nightmare Luffy) – Jet Nightmare Pistol, Jet Horror Gatling, etc.
Phantom (for being more faster than Gear 2nd) – Phantom Bullet, Phantom Hawk Rifle, etc.
Oars! (Changing the size of his limbs or even himself anytime the way he likes) – Oars Gun, Oars Gatling, etc.


Luffy will be able to use it only 5-10 times by occasion. Because Gear 5th is so dangerous to use, it can be cost in his life!!
So Luffy will be also lucky to be having that final gear form.
Since Gear 5th will be based on the Neural system, the side-effect of Gear 5th is coma or sudden death! Not by chance, he’d get into a short coma (22 hours) after the use of Gear 5th.

And in addition, when Luffy will use it for the very first time against Blackbeard, but he’ll lose his mind, just like Goku did that with SSJ4 for the very first time. I know it’s not Dragon Ball, but the situation will be a bit similar like this one.
In other words he won’t be able to make a difference between friends & foes, which is going to be lead into his FIRST KILL!
With Blackbeard, who will be in Kaido’s DF form!!

TC Anime Blog - One Piece - Gear 5th

Just imagine Blackbeard! In Kaido’s DF form (If he has one at all), using Whitebeard’s DF + his own, vs. Luffy with Gear 5th “Boogie-Man”

Sounds EPIC, eh?!

It’s no wonder, because if Blackbeard will kill Jinbei, then Luffy won’t let it so far.
And! the biggest twist of the plot would be he couldn’t say Gear 5th, because he won’t have any strength to say it, he’d just say…
“GEAR…” – And starts blowing the air into his elbow like he did at Gear 4th! And actually pumping the blood!

Final thoughts:

  • I know the story is about 65% complete and I’m sure there will be a place for another timeskip in that 35%, because as it seems about Gear 5th, Luffy will really need to acquire that! Alongside with the other Gear forms + the malleable rubber awakeningtoo!
  • Since Gear 5th is based on the Neural system, the side effect is coma, or sudden death, this is why he’ll be able to only use it by 5-10 times by occasion! But if he use it too many times, he’d die.
  • So don’t hope, Luffy will use Gear 5th on Kaido, because Gear 4th is the one which is made for the Yonkou. And Gear 5th will be the one which is going to be made for the Government!
  • Yonkou = Gear 4th (Yon means four in Japanese)
  • Gorousei = Gear 5th (Go means five in Japanese)



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