Do girls like watching Dragon Ball Series?

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Do girls like watching Dragon Ball Series?

Yes we do!

We know that majority of the Dragon Ball Series fanbase consists of men. But women also love the show.

Genevieve Castelino
” I loved the show as a kid and still do.
Goku and Vegeta kicked ass! Although the entire show was about fighting and getting stronger, it was never violent (not that I would really mind) and I loved it!
I even got a couple of my girl friends addicted to it.
There are many many girls who love the show.
I remember trying to do a Kamehameha and Gallick Gun as a kid and was quite disappointed that I couldn’t. I was so obsessed that I even bought a card game and DBZ stickers for my phone.
That is how much I love the show.”

Aditya Mohan

“What does awesomeness got to do with gender?
The obvious answer is yes, they do.
My cousin, who is 8 years old, loves it and to such extent, she asked for all the downloaded episodes I had of it and even though, they are in English and she misses upon some words, she loves it.”

Jacqueline Lawther

“Of course! I’m probably a bigger fan than my boyfriend. Lol
I painted these for my son’s room :)”

TC Anime Blog - Do girls like watching Dragon Ball SeriesTC Anime Blog - Do girls like watching Dragon Ball SeriesTC Anime Blog - Do girls like watching Dragon Ball Series

Sumedha Sajwan

“I really like watching it. I even had dragon ball z merchandise when i was a kid! But honestly when i watched it again recently.. It seemed a bit draggy and i couldnt stand some of the episodes .. Anyway i love goku! And i love the show That show is not just about violence.. It teaches us the value of hard work, determination, dedication and of course PATIENCE as some episodes are dragged a little to much! Kaa mey haa mey haa!”

Do girls like watching Dragon Ball ? – Can you answer this question?

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