Pokemon GO: Tip to find Eevee

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Pokemon often appear at random time, which makes hard for hunters to catch them. Of course, there are some popular Pokemons and some rare ones. Eenee is one example. Lucky players staying frequent area will meet them more often than other players, but not all players have such good luck.

TC Anime Blog - Tshirt collection - Pokemon Go - Eevee

Below is trick given to you for capturing as much Eevee as you want.

What a pity! That there is no location rules for this type of Pokemon because Eevee is a normal pet which does not have a certain habitat. So the best advice for you is an attention to highly populated areas. Then try to find a crowded town near by your living.

Pokestop is one of them, just keep patient and wait there. In case of no spawn of Eevee in such places, you just move to search for Eevee’s eggs. They usually hide 10km from eggs. But that still seems to be not easy at all right!

Above are all we could share about guide to find Eevee. For other common Pokemon which are fire or water types, you should pay more details on geography.

TC Anime Blog - Tshirt collection - Pokemon Go - Eevee

Any specific inquiries,  just put them in the comments below, and be sure to check out our other guides, such as Eevee – your choice of Evolution

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