How Did Goku Black Become Super Saiyan Rose?

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How did Goku Black becomes Super Saiyan Rose and increased his strength so much?! Watch this video and find out!

Theory No. 1- Dragon Balls 
TC Anime Blog - dragon ball super - Goku Black Become Super Saiyan Rose

Among all the actions and chaos we have forgotten one of the main factors of Dragon Ball Universe. Yeap, the Dragon Balls. In each and every arc of Super; Dragon Balls have been used and it played some really major roles. In the first arc, it was used to know about the Super Saiyan God, In Frieza arc, it was used to resurrect Frieza, Then in Universal Tournament it was all about the Super Dragon Balls. So following that cycle it’s only obvious they will do the same in this very arc too.

Now, according to this theory, Zamasu traveled to the future got hold of the Namekian Dragon Ball or somehow with his wisdom managed to collect the Super Dragon Balls. Then, he made a wish resurrecting Goku as his pet and connected to his mind or something similar to that. If he used Super Dragon Balls he might have even made him a true God. Then, as Zamasu’s ki got evil he even influenced Goku with it resulting in him becoming Black. Resulting in achieving abilities like improving and gaining opponents fighting style! As he has links with Zamasu, they probably found ways to get stronger. Another possibility could be they used the Dragon Balls in between the time Black fought Goku at earth and the latest encounter. Zamasu as well as Black has knowledge of other planets so it’s possible that he fought some other opponents meanwhile or Zamasu gave him some more special training. In short, Dragon Balls might have influence behind his origin and powers.


Theory No.2- Time Travelling Advantage!

Everyone’s astonished by how much Black improved in such a short time, but what if we all are wrong. What if he got much more time than it appears?


TC Anime Blog - dragon ball super - Goku Black Become Super Saiyan Rose
He is wearing a time ring and that green earring! He was wearing that even before chasing Future Trunks to the past. Meaning he has been time traveling for a while now. So what if he actually traveled way into the future or to the past and trained himself for a much longer period of time?! and possibly encountering other versions of these characters over and over again. Maybe they traveled around the universes and fought other fighters like Hitman hit. Since he knows Zamasu he probably got all types of help in doing this and thus got stronger than Super Saiyan Blue.


Theory no.3 – Black Goku gets all of the opponent’s abilities and memories

In main timeline’s earth, Black Goku fought Super Saiyan 2 Goku. So generally the fans thought Black must have absorbed Goku’s power and fighting style only up to the SSJ 2 form, but just after he returned back to the future. He said the power of Son Goku is slowly growing in him. So according to this theory, he accessed Super Saiyan God form powers and even up to his prime Super Saiyan Blue x Kaio-Ken, but since he is a true god unlike Goku he was able to get control over the Kaio-ken x SSB form. This theory is linked to the next theory.


Theory no.4- Gowasu is Goku Black
TC Anime Blog - dragon ball super - Goku Black Become Super Saiyan Rose
According to this theory; Zamasu somehow either managed to convince Gowasu to join him or possessed him or something like that. The bottom line is Gowasu is using the body of Goku Black!
. After fighting Goku and Trunks he was able to attain their Ki and fighting style, but unlike them, he is a true God. So he was able to tap in the God ki far better than Goku ever could. This theory is further backed up by statements Black made in episode 56.

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