How has Roshi changed in ‘Dragon Ball Super’ Manga?

How has Roshi changed in ‘Dragon Ball Super’ Manga?

Dragon Ball Super may have officially terminated its strong performance this year, but the manga version of the series is still strong and has even started the Tournament of Power after a long wait.

Fans noticed the difference between the manga and anime version, and one of the biggest comes from Master Roshi, who has a different battle than he did in the anime series.

In Chapter 34, with the manga having made major changes to Universe 6’s Frost, who had a more positive presence in eliminating other universes before being rejected by Freeza. Frost eliminates Universe 7’s Krillin and Tien with ease, and he surprisingly sets his sights on Master Roshi.

Before he can eliminate Master Roshi, however, Roshi is saved by Goku and Frost turns his attention to another place. Fans of the anime series know that Master Roshi did not have a big battle like this, and most of his eliminations came from other universes.

Master Roshi had some major eliminations under his belt in the anime, defeating many other fighters with his tricky ways (and even getting one to eliminate herself after he lusts after her in his usual Roshi way) before opting out of the tournament himself.

Although fans enjoyed Roshi in the Turning of Power in the anime series, if that character had a more involved presence with the tournament’s bigger fighters than anime fans surely would have wanted to see in motion. Regardless, this change to Roshi’s involvement (as well as Krillin and Tien’s early eliminations) will definitely make the manga more interesting to read going forward as well.

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