If Universe 7 got erased!!!

If Universe 7 got erased!!!

Universe 7 is one of the 8 Universes who are fighting for Survival in the Tournament of Power. Two of the Eight Universes have already been erased. However, five more will be following them very soon.

Now, Universe 7 is definitely one of the most favorite Universe among the fans, because let’s be honest, out Z Warriors are from there, so it’s pretty much a given that they’ll be favourites.

 I think they’re closely followed by Universe 6, who are very much liked among the fans as well. But, only one Universe can win the Tournament of Power.

So, I’m sure most of us will be rooting for Universe 7, including myself. But, that’s doesn’t change the fact that Universe 7 is not in a good shape right now.

So far, Universe 7 has lost 2 members in Krillin, who went down pretty easily, and then Tein as well. Compared to rest of the Universes, it might seem like they’re better off. However, when you look at the fighters they have right now, Universe 7 is in a lot of trouble. We have Master Roshi, who is not just old, but also very tired, and weakened.

He’s going to attempt the Mafuba yet again, so he is not going to last long. Then we have Piccolo, who event though hasn’t really fought, exhausted all his stamina while regenerating. We saw that it takes a lot of stamina, so even if Piccolo is there, he will not last long.

Then there’s Gohan, who as we know, is going to fight Jimeze, and he’s going to have a bad time against him. Freeza is openly betraying Universe 7, and I don’t know what his real motives are. He certainly is not going to help Universe 7 in any case.

17 and 18 have a lot of stamina, but let’s be real, they are no match for people like Jiren, and Hit. I think those two will also taken care of pretty soon. That leaves us with Goku and Vegeta. Both of them are very powerful, and probably the strongest from Universe 7.

I think Goku and Vegeta will go all the way in the Tournament of Power. We know Vegeta will be fighting against Frost pretty soon, and Frost may even trick him into the Mafuba but I don’t think that’ll be the end for Vegeta. Goku will be fighting Jiren, and if he defeats him, the path to victory will open for Universe 7.

that Universe 7 will become favourites just by defeating Jiren. So, I don’t think it’ll be easy for Universe 7 to win the Tournament of Power. But, a man can always hope.

Who do you think will win the Tournament of Power? Let me know in the comments section below!

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