Is Goku The Perfect Warrior?

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Hey guys Bulma’s Panties(Shadow) here ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) and today I want to discuss why Goku may be the perfect warrior!


Episode 61’s Detail On Goku


Episode 61 of Super was….amazing and a bit plotholyish(Ik it’s not a word :joy:). Anyways this episode of Super really showed Goku’s love for his family. When Black/Zamasu talked about him killing Goten and Chi Chi,Goku got pissed and literally unloaded on Black and Zamasu! I love how Goku wasn’t really portrayed as a child in this episode mainly because he always acts like a clueless child. While being absolutely pissed, Goku managed to keep calm and not lose control like Vegeta and Gohan do. I’m sure that if a man tells you that he killed the woman you love and your son you would lose your mind! Now Goku is another story mainly seeing that his character is calm and cheerful and not always in a pissed mood. Obviously Goku was running on adrenaline (not some sort of magical ki wave)and when you have been severely damaged and you run out of adrenaline you better be ready to except a lot of pain. Something else that I saw in this episode is that Goku’s attacks literally sent out shockwaves throughout the air.


Of course Goku still lost the fight but seeing him unleash so much rage while being calm makes him one step ahead of so many rage filled anime characters. Now by perfect I don’t mean he is super op and has no weakness. No, by perfect I mean technique,strategy, and control. While fighting someone you must be well controlled of your emotions. If they get out of hand you could be blinded by your own rage.

Goku’s Ups and Downs


Sure Goku has had his moments were he was a complete idiot but that’s because he has never had a decent education. Think about it, Goku can think of so many techniques but he never had anyone to teach him how to read or how to do math. Yet Goku still beats the odds with the lack of knowledge he knows. It comes to show you that Goku isn’t as dumb as he looks! Something else that reflects on Goku’s accomplishments is his children. Sure you may be saying “SHADOW GOTEN AND GOHAN ARE IRRELEVANT NOW LOL KYS DRINK BLEACH M8!”…..K. Its not how strong they are now but what they have accomplished. For instance, Gohan at one point surpassed his father and killed Cell. While Goten actually fought some villains like Broly(Ik it’s not canon but still)and even turned SSJ3 as a fusion which is remarkable.

The Struggles He Went Through


Sure Future Trunks has gone through so much but so has Goku. He killed his own grandfather,had a F*cking hole through his chest as it got smashed by Piccolo,watched his own son die by Kid Buu,and finally hear that his wife and son have died in the future by Black/Zamasu. That is some painful stuff to hear and could cause some trauma. But Goku stayed calm and simply attacked the duo. Another thing I want to touch on is Goku’s ability to sustain amazing strain. He handled god ki with Kaioken! Of course it did put a huge strain on his body but after a few days he recovered quickly. That’s an amazing feat by Goku! If Vegeta ever learned the Kaioken and used it I’m sure it would put a HUGE strain on his body or possibly kill him. The power is just to much for him to handle but Goku can handle amazing blows and walk away alive. For example when Freeza charged a pinkish super nova at Goku he threw it at him but it had no effect. If that attack was thrown at Vegeta he would have died. Think of it like this,Spirit Bomb vs Wolf Gang Fist,which one would be likely to win. Of course Spirit Bomb due to its immense power



Like I said Goku has his flaws but he also has that child like spirit. Some people see it as arrogant or idiotic but it’s just Goku’s kind nature. He may not be the perfect warrior but he is a warrior with tons of motivation and character. Goku can be cocky and overconfident at times but it’s just to make fights last longer and give others chances.

Thanks for reading!

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