Is It True? Goku Will Light 2020 Olympic Torch

Is It True? Goku Will Light 2020 Olympic Torch

You may not think Dragon Ball has anything in common with the Olympics, but that is not the case. Yes, Akira Toriyama’s heralded series may be just a fictional escape for some, but it has inspired countless people in the same way the Olympics has for fans. When you think about these two things, you can not ignore the effects they have, so it is no surpríe to hear that Dragon Ball has high hopes for the Tokyo Olympics.

Masako Nozawa – the voice actress behind Goku told that she wants Super Saiyan to project the event torch.

Not long ago, Masako Nozawa opened up her Olympic dreams when she appeared on a hidden camera program in Japan. The film was determined to see whether the actress would break into one of her famed Dragon Ball voices after being surprised, but comedy ended up taking a turn when an interview with Masako touched upon her dreams of Goku.

According to the translators, the actress admitted she has a very special dream in mind for the 2020 Olympics. The summer games, being held in Tokyo, will see a series of anime characters act as its cultural ambassadors. So, Nozawa jump at the chance to light the Olympic Torch as Goku.

No information on the appearance will see don full-on cosplay, but fans can hope. This actress can be in her 80s, but she can definitely rock Goku’s hair if she tries.

She admitted the dream is a noble thing, but she has reason to dream. The actress said that the lighting the torch as Goku would be symbolic of a Spirit Bomb that’s way less destructive. Her lighting ceremony would allow people around the world to “send their energy to Tokyo”, but there won’t be a Majin Buu to take out this time around.

It is unclear whether Masako will participate in the Olympics 2020, but fans know that Dragon Ball will participate in the event. Last year, the games confirmed a series of anime heroes will be ambassadors, and Goku is one of them. The Saiyan will join along with others like Astro Boy, Sailor Moon, Monkey D. Luffy, Naruto, and more.

Do you want to see Goku take a leading role in the Olympics? Which summer sport would the Saiyan take gold in? Let me know in the comments

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