Is This The Last We’ll See Of Future Trunks?

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In almost every film or TV series where time travel is mentioned, there are warnings about the repercussions of changing time, and Dragon Ball is no exception to these rules.

Time travel was unheard of in the series before the introduction of Future Trunks. During his first travel to the past, the repercussions of Trunks’ actions were never mentioned – all we were really told was that by alternating the past, Trunks had instead created a new timeline, as opposed to fixing his own. It was also revealed that timelines are set in stone, meaning no amount of changes outside of that specific timeline could fix them.


However, in the newest Saga, we’ve started to learn more about just how dangerous changing the past can be. It was revealed that time travel is a serious offence, even for the likes of a God. The only beings who can meddle with time are Kai’s, and the higher ones at that. For such a low being as Trunks to mess with time has a huge effect on the series.

But we can’t outright blame Trunks for all of this; let’s not forget that everything he’s done involving time travel was for selfless reasons.

Even after learning that saving the current timeline wouldn’t fix his own, Trunks still remained behind to help in any way he could, simply because he’s a pure character.

But does this mean he was right to do so? Well no, not necessarily.


The situation is a tricky one; was Trunks right to change the past? Or should he have left it alone to follow its original path?

We all know that if Trunks hadn’t returned to the past, the timeline we know would have ultimately fell into the same ruin as his one.

So on one hand, we have Trunks doing something for the good of mankind, but on the other hand, we have him meddling in affairs he shouldn’t.

And as stated by Zamasu and Black, the main reason for their attack on humanity was because of Trunks intervening with time.


But Let’s Move Onto The Main Topic…

I love Future Trunks’ – he’s one of my favourite characters in the entire series and is in my opinion, the most pure of heart. Everything he does is for the good of others. He risks his life time and again to protect the planet, even when he knows he doesn’t stand a chance.

So with the hint from Zeno about the huge Universal Tournament, it’s easy to think that Trunks might be involved in it, given his currently unknown potential.


But if Trunks were to return to the future, would we ever see him again?

Honestly, I don’t know.

During his first travel back to the past, Trunks was not aware of the repercussions his actions would have on the world; however, with the confirmation from Beerus that time travel for mortals is forbidden, Trunks is unlikely to break these rules from now on.

Also, his own father, Vegeta, has told him outright to never return to the past once Black and Zamasu are defeated.


But what would happen if Trunks’ world once again fell into terror and despair? Would he be willing to break the rules for a third time? Or would he fight with all his might, and ultimately accept the Earth’s fate?

So, what are your thoughts?


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