Killmonger’s Costume in Black Panther May Have Borrowed From Dragon Ball’s Vegeta

Killmonger’s Costume in Black Panther May Have Borrowed From Dragon Ball’s Vegeta

So far, Black Panther is the movie to beat in 2018. The standout film debuted less than a week ago, but it has already crushed dozens of box-office records. Millions have sat down for the movie, but anime fans couldn’t get one Black Panther baddie off their minds

What’s more the character of Killmonger in Black Panther is in many ways similar to Vegeta; a proud would-be prince that feels he has been unjustly treated. So if Jordan had any say in his standard costume, I could see that he might try and pay his respect to the Prince of Saiyans.
Yes, the main antagonist of Black Panther shook thousands of fans, but anime lovers focused on him for another reason entirely. The baddie, who is played by Michael B. Jordan, has an undeniable charisma and unending thirst for power. And, when you put a photo of him beside Vegeta, the pair look eerily similar
This is not to say that Killmonger’s costume is exactly like Vegeta’s but it is clearly similar (shown below), to the point that fans across Twitter and elsewhere have picked up on the resemblance.

Vegeta (left) and Killmonger (right) share a rather similar outfit.

Jordan is not the only celebrity that seems to have a liking to Vegeta, as Ronda Rousey also confessed her love for the proud Saiyan not that long ago.
When you put the two next to each other, it’s hard not to notice that every inch of Killmonger’s Black Panther costume is an ode to the Saiyan Prince. Along with their armors sharing the same chest plate and shoulder straps, both Killmonger and Vegeta opt to layer with a long-sleeve blue shirt underneath

We can even go so far as to point out how Killmonger’s hair has a Saiyan-flare to it, with how expressive and high it rests atop his head. Even though Killmonger and Black Panther had different philosophies on how Wakanda should interact with the outside world, one can imagine the two coming to some sort of truce in the future; just like Vegeta did with his rival, Goku.

In any case, it’s always great to see elements of the Dragon Ball series pop up elsewhere and I can only hope that this Killmonger costume really is a reference to Vegeta, as that would just be really cool.

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