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Before I start my theory I have a question to all of you guys. Have you noticed something to Luffy with his relationships to the original seven warlords?

Here’s what I’ve noticed, Luffy is slowly having nice relationships and alliance to the original seven warlords by the flow of the stories and the situations that he is running to.

Here’s the original list of seven warlords.

1. Boa Hancock

2. Jinbe

3. Crocodile

4. Kuma

5. Mihawk

6. Doflamingo

7. Moriah


Boa Hancock – we all know that Luffy became close to Pirate Empress Hancock when Kuma sent him to the amazon lily and Hancock helped Luffy to infiltrate the Impel Down and she stopped Smoker attacking Luffy in Marineford war and of course her charm is not working to Luffy and at the end she fell in love to Luffy.

Jinbe – after they met each other on Impel Down they became very close and Jinbe is ready to sacrifice his life to Luffy and most likely he will become the next nakama.

Crocodile – Unexpectedly, Crocodile became Luffy’s ally on their on-going escape at Impel down. Even though Luffy against with the idea of Ivankov to freed Crodile the situation they have faced allow Crocodile to become ally of Luffy on their escape.

Kuma – As a friend of Luffy’s father and former member of revolutionaries, Kuma saved the straw hats in sabaody archipelago when admiral Kizaru and Vegapunk attacked them and he also guarded the thousand sunny for two whole years while the straw hat pirates doing their trainings.

Mihawk – the world greatest swordsman helped Zoro on his training so I guess we could say that he already have a good relationship with Luffy plus Mihawk knew that his great rival and friend Shanks have high expectation to Luffy who he entrusted him with his straw hat and the prized for his left hand.

We already see the good relationship of Luffy with the five persons that I’ve stated, Now how could Luffy will have a good relationship with Doffy and Moriah?

Doffy – I don’t have much ideas about Luffy’s future good relationship with Doffy but if we analyse the situation of Doffy, he ended up like Croco-boy. Croco-boy and Doffy both tried to conquer country and took the position of the king and on the end of their arc they were both sent to impel down after Luffy beat them. So I guess if the story of Doffy continues to become similar to Croco-boy, Doffy will unexpectedly become ally of Luffy like Croco-boy. Maybe Luffy will try again to infiltrate the impel down to rescue his captured nakama and maybe Robin is the one who will be captured because she’s the only one who have the skills to read all of the poneglyphs or maybe Sabo who inherited Ace’s will, or maybe Luffy is the one who will be captured and the Strawhat crew with Sabo will try to rescue him and on their escape they will meet Doffy and form an alliance to escape in Impel Down like what happened before on his escaped with Crocodile.

Last but not the least is Moriah, I’m really excited to speculate what will be the reason for him to have a good relationship with Luffy and become his ally and I came up with some interesting idea.

Moriah – We know that Moriah was beaten by Kaido before and all of his crew got vanish, he had a plan to take his revenge to Kaido and started to create his Zombie army which had Oars as the strongest.

In Wano/Kaido arc most likely Moriah will gonna reappear in the story and maybe he’ll become an ally of Luffy to take down Kaido. We know that Kaido is very difficult to defeat with his current strength plus his size of a giant, maybe the reason why Moriah tried to have the shadow of Luffy and put it into giant Oars is because he wanted to have the strength that can face the giant Kaido. (Giant Oars vs Giant Kaido do you wanna see it?)

It is highly speculated in the community that Luffy with the help of Zoro or Law or both of them will gonna take down Kaido but do they have strength that can equal or surpass Kaido? I believe even Luffy, Law and Zoro combine their strength it is still not enough to defeat Kaido and one good reason why their combine powers will not be enough to defeat him is the Kid-Apoo-Hawking alliance, they have four supernova on that alliance but still they were no much to Kaido’s out of the world strength.

Here’s the Idea that I have to defeat kaido.

Luffy and Moriah with the desperations will need to collaborate and create alliance to defeat Kaido, Moriah will used his power to take the shadows of Law and Zoro plus the shadows of other straw hats and strong people in Wano and after he gather all the shadows he will insert it to Luffy’s body and we will see again the much stronger version of “Nightmare Luffy.” This idea of taking the shadows of other straw hats and insert to Luffy will only work if the fight against Kaido happened at night time and Zoro, Law and the rest are already badly beaten.

We know how powerful Luffy was when he had the one hundred shadows of the no name pirates in Thriller Bark so what more if Luffy have the Shadows of his strong nakamas and the shadows of strong samurais and ninja(s) in Wano? He will definitely become much stronger that can match the monstrous power of Kaido. And if Moriah insert the shadows in Luffy’s body while he is in gear fourth maybe he will become huge like Oars and Kaido and with that form and strength he will have a great chance to defeat Kaido.

Theory by Fire_Fist_Recca

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