[Major Spoilers] ‘Dragon Ball Super’ ep 61 Jump preview released: Goku Black’s shocking identity revealed

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Before episode 60 of “Dragon Ball Super” airs this week on Oct. 2, we have the Jump preview for “Dragon Ball Super” episode 61. The preview has some major spoilers about Goku Black’s identity. Read on to find out more about Zamasu and Goku Black’s connection.

Warning: This article contains spoilers from “Dragon Ball Super” episodes. Read to know more.

“Dragon Ball Super” episode 61 Jump Preview: Who is Goku Black?

The title of the episode is “Zamasu’s Ambition: Presenting the ‘0 Mortals Plan’.”

“Goku Black’s Identity Exposed!!

Goku Black’s true identity: It turns out that Zamasu used the Dragon Balls to switch minds and bodies with Goku. The vile deeds Zamasu and company have been carrying out are also revealed!

Goku Black This Week: Transforming into Super Saiyan Rose once more! Goku Black views Goku and company as the biggest obstacle towards completing the “0 Mortals Plan.” He transforms into Super Saiyan Rose and tries to finish them off.” Clearly, according to the Jump preview, the episode revolves around Goku Black’s identity and it will be interesting to witness how it will be unveiled. Will this revelation help Goku, Vegeta, Future Trunks, Beerus and Whis to defeat the evil Goku Black?” reads the Jump preview.

“Dragon Ball Super” episode 61 airs Sunday, Oct. 9, 2016 on Fuji TV at 9 a.m. Japan Time.

Meanwhile, “Dragon Ball Super” episode 60 to focus on the aftermath of Beerus’s action last week as he destroyed Zamasu for attempting to kill his master Gowasu.

The plot is thickening and “Dragon Ball Super” episode 61 will divulge some key answers about the “0 Mortal Plan” formulated by Goku Black.

Stay tuned for more “Dragon Ball Super” episodes spoilers, news and updates.

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