Nami’s Real Family That You Don’t Even Know About

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We all know about Nami’s tragic past and her adoptive family. But who were her real parents, her real family?

Now let’s start with the different inspirations for her character.

1) Freya – One of the most beautiful ginger headed goddesses on Asgard and also the goddess of love, sex, gold, sorcery and of course beauty. She was always depicted on a chariot pulled by two white cats. The Jotunns (giants) were so obsessed with her beauty so they would constantly try to kidnap her, but would always end up with failure. She was mostly worshipped on the southern regions of Sweden and is usually associated with the sea.

TC Anime blog - Tshirt Collection - One Piece - Nami Real Family

As you can see, Nami fills all the bills, she is a money lover/her origin country in real world is Sweden/multiple characters in One Piece think that she is some kind of sorceress and also after the timeskip, her attacks are named “Sorcery Tempo”/her epithet is “cat burglar” and the animal that portraits her is the white cat.

2) Morgan le Fay – Morgan is a sorceress from the era of King Arthur who was a disciple of Merlin the magician. She was an attractive woman and would usually try to seduce powerful men like Arthur and some times even her master Merlin. Her name also means “the sea born”.

TC Anime blog - Tshirt Collection - One Piece - Nami Real Family

We know that during the timeskip Nami was sent to Wetheria by Kuma. This place was inhabited by old men that were in magician clothes, but there was an old man that that was more distinctive that the other, Haredas. His appearance screamed Merlin, just take a look.

TC Anime blog - Tshirt Collection - One Piece - Nami Real Family

3) The Hesperides – In one of his labours Hercules had to steal the golden apples from the Hesperides. During his way he met Atlas, the previous leader of the Titans, who was punished by the gods to hold the heavens on his shoulders. Unable to reach the apples Hercules asked for his assistance.

TC Anime blog - Tshirt Collection - One Piece - Nami Real Family

TC Anime blog - Tshirt Collection - One Piece - Nami Real Family

Now you might ask what does this have do with Nami’s parents? Well, actually the Hesperides were Atlas’ daughters and do you know the “golden apples”? ORANGES, the same fruit that Nami’s step-mother cultivated and that is planted on Thousand Sunny. This automaticaly makes Nami the daughter of “Atlas”. So who is “Atlas” in One Piece universe? I think that he is THE GOD OF ELBAF.

The titans were nothing but giant deities and Atlas was their leads, so it makes him the god of Elbaf, but how is he Nami’s father? In One Piece we have met a couple that despite their different sizes can have normal children and this couple is Neptune and Otohime. Despite their sizes (one a giant and the other a normal mermaid) they had normal sized children, Fukaboshi is one example (He may be bigger than humans, but that is the normal size for a Fishman). So it might not be impossible that Nami’s father is a giant who married a noramal sized human.

So if Nami is God of Elbaf’s daughter, how can it be that none of the giants that we have met so far has recognized her? Well, all the giants that we have met except Hajrudin are over 100 years old and also previous members of the Giant Pirates led by Dorry and Broggy. When they left Elbaf the god wasn’t married with Nami’s mother, because that would make Nami an old hag. Also the giant of the new generation Hajrudin has never met Nami so this might be a possibility. The Giants in One Piece are portrayed as Vikings who, as you know, are vicious warriors from Scandinavia (Norway, Sweden, Finland, Iceland, Denmark).

All rights go to the maker of this theory.


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