New Dragon Ball Super Image Features 'Female Broly' Warrior

New Dragon Ball Super Image Features 'Female Broly' Warrior

Dragon Ball Super’s Universal Survival arc kicked off earlier this month, and several images from the anime have already made their way online, giving us a look at new characters from Universes 9 and 11, and all the Gods of Desctruction. When the teaser for the arc was released, fans were surprised to see a young girl who transformed into what seems like a female version of Broly. You can check out below:

Now, we got a fresh look at the ‘female Broly’ thanks to a new image released in Japan, and it gives us a hint about the warrior’s transformation.

The new issue of V Jump magazine featured a story dedicated to the latest Dragon Ball Super arc. One of the pages showed an image of the character that resembles Broly, and she looks notably different than her appearance in the trailer. Check it out:


As you can see in the image above, the female warrior looks ripped but she doesn’t have the bulging muscles that we’ve seen in the teaser. Her eyes are glowing white irises, and her face looks sharper and her gravity-defying blond hair arcs in a different angle.

Some fans online say that the ‘Female Broly’ we see in the image is in different graded transformation than what we’ve seen in the teaser. Just like how Goku has different levels of Super Saiyan, she might also have various power levels that show different forms.

So what do you think about the new ‘female Broly’? Are you excited to see her fight?

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