New Dragon Ball Super Preview Debuts Vegeta’s Daughter

New Dragon Ball Super Preview Debuts Vegeta’s Daughter

After a long round of exhibition matches, it looks like Dragon Ball Super is gearing up for its newest arc to get in full-swing. The ‘Universal Survival’ storyline began in February, and it has already piqued plenty of interest thanks to its damning take on Goku. Now, the Saiyan is more determined than ever to prove to the multiverse that he’s not some villain, but he will need the help of his friends to do so.

However, it seems as if Vegeta isn’t quite ready to help Kakarot out. The temperamental Saiyan is a bit miffed that the Tournament of Power is even a thing. And, oh yeah – there is also the small fact that his wife just gave birth!

That’s right! It finally happened. Following the birth of Trunks back in Dragon Ball Z, Bulma and Vegeta are about to welcome their second child. In next week’s episode of Dragon Ball Super, fans will finally get to meet the couple’s daughter who first debuted at the very end of Dragon Ball Z. The girl, whose name is Bulla, was introduced as a young girl before she aged up significantly in Dragon Ball GT. Now, fans will get to fill in missing pieces of Bulla’s timeline since Dragon Ball Super will cover her infant years.

In the preview for Dragon Ball Super, fans can see Bulla has some of her trademark looks even as a baby. The half-Saiyan is shown with a bundle of blue hair and wide eyes like her mother. And, in the teaser, Vegeta can be shown holding his swaddled daughter. So, even as a newborn, it looks like Bulla has the princely figure wrapped around her deceptively strong finger.

You can check out the episode’s summary below:

“Goku searches for members for the “Tournament of Power,” but?!

Goku’s battle with Toppo has made him realize just how formidable their opponents will be! Once Goku and the others return to Earth, they immediately start scouting out members to enter the “Tournament of Power”, but…?!

Vegeta This Week: with his daughter about to be born, he can’t calm down! Goku and co. approach Vegeta about entering the tournament, but he still refuses. It seems the reason is because Bulma is about to give birth, but…?!”

Dragon Ball Super recently kicked off the ‘Universal Survival’ saga. You can check out the brief synopsis for it below:

“At Goku’s request, the Omni-Kings’ “Tournament of Power” martial arts tournament between universes now begins! …But this also proves to be the beginning of universal destruction. What awaits the victors of this tournament, and the vanquished…?! How will these intense team battles between the elites of each universe turn out…?!”

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