Could in Pokemon we find Legendary Pokemon Go

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The answer is PRETTY MUCH YES…!


Recently a Youtuber posted a video of him digging in the source file of Pokemon Go and he found out the images and data for Mew, Mewtwo, Articuno, Zapados, Moltres and yes even Ditto. So lets all hope to catch some amazing legendary pokemon in Pokemon Go.

In the first trailer of “Pokemon GO, players were gathered in Times Square to fight a Mewtwo. Afterward, Mewtwo was given as a gift to all the players playing the game. This may also be the same concept that Niantic plans on doing once they have officially announced their first Ingress for “Pokemon GO.

Although Niantic has not provided much of the details yet.

“It is also possible that “Pokemon GO” players will have to compete against each other that is in their own team to win a Legendary Bird.

How can… !

As we have known that Mewtwo was shown in the announcement trailer  as in Legendary types, battling in Time Square. It looks like not much of players could discover any super-interesting Pokemon, however the searching storm seems not to stop. Pokemon Go fans are finding approaches various information to submit their existence.

These three mystical birds are also on the sumbols of the three teams of Team Instinct, Team Mystic and Team Valor. So where are they now?


So far, no one has reported catching Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres and Mewtwo in “Pokemon GO.”  it is impossible to conclude that Niantic forgot the Legendary Pokemon.

Does Niantic Team added any of the legendary pokemon in the game for the trainers ? Do we have any scope for finding Mew or Mewtwo or even Ditto ??

At this time, Pokemon GO” players should not expect a lot on whether they can find Legendary Pokemon. Niantic is still dealing with its current problems as there are a huge quantity of game players encounter in this every day. But it is safe to say that once the tides have finally settled in that Niantic may have the time to provide us with more details on where we can catch even on Legendary Pokemon.

So any thoughts in your head…? Be sure to write it down in the comment section below also Pokemon Go is now officially available in Asian Continent now all the fans can download Pokemon Go in their app store and playstores.

Pokemon Go is now officially available in Asian Continent now, besure to write down any comments/ advices on how to troubleshoot this issue and do not forget to download Pokemon Go in their app store and playstores.

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