Pokemon GO Battle Gym Guide: Know The Best Grass Pokemon Fighter

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Pokemon GO has several Pokemon Grass Types that are quite effective in gym battles. Here are some of the best and their ideal movesets.

Pokemon GO Grass Type Gym Battle Tips

Pokemon grass types are quite effective against their water type counterparts. The latest Niantic updates also proved beneficial. For Pokemon Grass Types, move sets are now more important than their CP in gym battles.

The Exeggutor is the second evolution of the Exeggcute. Pokemon GO players can maximize its CP by 2955. However, what makes this particular Grass type a favorite gym defender is its Zen Headbutt, Solar Beam moveset. It’s also a Psychic Pokemon which is why it’s able to execute the Zen Headbutt, according topokemongodb.

The Venusaur is the third evolution of the Bulbasaur. It’s also both Grass and Poison Pokemon type. Its recommended move set is the Vine Whip and Solar Beam. The Ivysaur on the other hand has Razor Leaf or Vine Whip for its Fast moves and Power Whip, Sludge Bomb or Solar Beam for Charge moves. The Venusaur can have a maximum CP of 2580.

The Vileplume is the third evolution of the Oddish Pokemon and its both Grass and Poison. Its fast moves could either be Acid or Razor Leaf. It has three Charge moves namely, Moon Blast, Petal Blizzard and Solara Beam. The ideal moveset though is Razor Leaf and Solar Beam.

The Victreebel is the third evolution of the Bellsprout and quite easy to evolve according to pokemongohub. Not surprisingly, it’s a grass and poison type as well. Its Fast charge is either Acid or Razor Leaf while its Charge move is composed of Leaf Blade, Sludge Bomb and Solar Beam. The ideal moveset however is Razor Leaf and Solar Beam.

Finally, there is the Parasect which is a Grass and Bug type Pokemon. Even a maximum CP of 1747 is considered low in Pokemon GO. However, it can be more than a match for favorites like the Vaporeons. A successful Parasect gym fighter will usually use the Bug Bite and Solar Beam move set.

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