Pokemon GO buddy system officially announced

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A few days ago, Reddit digged into the code of the latest Pokémon GO update, and found a few hints at what we will see in the game in the coming days. One of those features is the Buddy Pokémon system, which will allow one Pokémon to walk with you, and collect candies, which would actually be a really nice addition.

Now, Niantic has officially confirmed the arrival of the Buddy Pokémon system with a blog post on the official Pokémon GO blog.

Pokemon GO buddy system officially announced

Niantic says that taking care of bots and bugs hasn’t all it has been doing, but that it has also been working on bringing out new features to Trainers, like the Appraisal feature that was released in the last update, and the Buddy Pokémon system, that will arrive in the upcoming update.

Pokemon GO buddy system officially announced

With this system, Trainers can pick one Pokémon to be their buddy Pokémon, which will unlock new in-game rewards and experiences, says Niantic.

Pokemon GO buddy system officially announced

Pokemon GO buddy system officially announced

As you might have noticed in the screenshots, courtesy Niantic, the Buddy Pokémon will be visible right besides your avatar on the profile screen. Having a buddy will have its perks, like getting candy for walking together. Also, you will be able to change your Buddy Pokémon at any time, if you so wish.

Pokemon GO buddy system officially announced

Niantic has also promised that the Buddy Pokémon system is just one feature, and that they have a lot more planned for this fall.

We couldn’t be more excited. Having a buddy Pokémon instantly takes us back to that one Pokémon who preferred its trainer’s shoulder to a Pokéball. You know who.

How excited are you about the Buddy Pokémon system? Talk to us in the comments, below!

Source : Pokémon GO Live


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