Pokemon you see at gyms will now be lodged in your Pokedex

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Niantic has been hinting at features from the next big Pokemon GO update, it has silently rolled out a minor, yet somewhat striking feature. A Pokemon viewed at a gym will now count as an encounter, which means that if you see a Pokemon you have never seen before, at a gym you visit, it will be added to your Pokedex.

This was an unannounced change, and was first noticed by a redditor on TheSilphRoad. Now, there will be two ways to discover a new Pokemon, an encounter in the wild, and visiting a gym. Doing either with a previously unseen Pokemon will qualify as a sighting, filling the Pokemon’s silhouette in your Dex.


This change has been having mixed reactions. While some players loved it because it will help update their Pokedex faster, others are worried that visiting gyms will mess up their catches-to-sightings ratio. The original Pokemon games, however, did record Pokemon seen from Gym visits and trainer battles in the Pokedex, so it does make sense that GO should, too. Although, it’s not known why Niantic wouldn’t have it this way right from the beginning of the game.

In the meantime, we’re just waiting for the new update which will bring a few new changes, and beyond that, we’re waiting for 1v1 battles and trading, and most of all, that gosh darn tracking system! Are you listening, Niantic?

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Via : Gamerant

Source: Reddit

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