[Preview] Dragon Ball Super Ep 58 “Zamasu summons Super Shenron “

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Dragon Ball Super Episode 58 “ Zamasu and Black: Their Mystery Deepens” ! In this episode, Zamasu will gather all the Super Dragon Balls and summon the super Shenron! Watch this ‘Dragon Ball Super Episode 58 Predictions and Speculation ( Preview Breakdown )

In Dragon Ball Super Episode 58, Zamasu threatens Zuno to know about Goku and The Super Dragon Balls, he gets his hands on the super dragon balls and summons the Dragon God, Beerus, Whis and Supreme Kai comes to the earth to meet with Goku and Company, Goku looks excited about the upcoming encounters!

In Dragon Ball Super Episode 57, Goku, Trunks and Vegeta got wrecked. However, due to Vegeta’s timely interference and with the help of Yajirobe and Mai they were able to escape as they returned to the Main timeline. Zamasu is confirmed to be immortal as in he can’t be killed or harmed even with powerful attacks, and he has been named The Immortal God. Trunks stabbed him with his sword and attacked him with a full powered Final Flash however the attacks didn’t have any impact on him. On the other hand, Super Saiyan Rose’s power is far beyond the level of our heroes. This arc is totally on fire and got a lot of fan attention. As we look forward to see what mysteries unveil in next episode 58. Let’s take breakdown the preview and make some predictions!

Ok, I think the biggest question we have in our mind after watching ” Dragon Ball Super Episode 58 English ” trailer is what will Zamasu wish for?!

Zamasu went to Zuno’s place and threatened him for getting all information regarding The Super Dragon Balls as well as Goku. In this scene it looks like, Zamasu is cutting Zuno’s throat or they are at least trying to make the fans feel like so, but I think that’s not the case. I believe Zamasu was just swinging the Ki Blade by his neck to make him talk. To better understand the situation I am citing the episode preview as translated by Herms-

“ Hey, this is Goku! Dang it! Trunks, Vegeta! Let’s go to the Future again and take down Black and Zamasu. Huh, what is it, Whis? The present day Zamasu went and asked Zuno about me and the Super Dragon Balls? Oh! I know what Zamasu did! Next time on Dragon Ball Super: “ Zamasu and Black: Their Mystery Deepens “ . Don’t miss it! What will Zamasu wish for? Will Zamasu kill Zuno? Do you think Zamasu will kill Gowasu?

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