The reasons why The Android Saga was wrong

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Android Saga is the seventh saga in the Dragon Ball Z series. However, this saga’s story disappoints a big amount of fan for its incoherence. To know what wrong with it, let’s have a look on its plot: Trunks predicts the future warning for heroes that 2 Androids will appear and they even far more powerful. When the prediction comes true, 2 Androids appear but they turn out not to be the Androids Trunks knows from the future. They destroy all old Androids and free the Android 16. They are new short-term villains in this saga before the entirely new villain – Cell – appears. Cell is another Android which destroys all previous Androids and absorbs them to transform into a brand new form. At the end, Gohan kills Cell and everyone live happily ever after.


The first wrong thing fans can figure out after following this saga is the inconstant story. What a mess when changing the villains over 3 different times. It is believed that Kazuhiko Torishima (editor of Dragon Ball Z) does not like the original Android, Androids 19 and 20, so he made Akira Toriyama (creator of Dragon Ball Z) change the villains through the story. After Akiya had invented Androids 17 and 18, Kazuhiko hated them too and made him change to Cell which raises the next problem. According to the story, Cell is just a carbon copy of Frieza – a villain with multiple forms from an ugly form to a muscular form and then a sleek and arrogantly powerful form. That makes the story lose a focused development.


In is saga, the Z Fighters – main characters in Dragon Ball Z – never really did anything, and even grant that they are not powerful enough to beat the Androids. Piccolo, Krillin, Tien, Chiaotzu and Yamcha, Gohan and Trunks all stay behind till Goku and Vegeta appear and do something because it is too dangerous to risk their lives. In contrast, Z Fighters are invincible warriors who never give up. That seems to be one of the biggest faults with Dragon Ball Z.

In the fight against Androids 17 and 18 of Gohan and Trunks, we can easily see the contrast from where these two started. Trunks became a whiney kid without patience or sense of scale of how dangerous the Androids were. Even Gohan, who is believed as an unguided fighter, he was fueled by anger rather than love. And his hatred became the factor which give a better of him and cloud his true potential.


Turn out, the Android Saga is the story of Gohan as well as Trunks. It is 2 heroes against 2 villains that is something we have never seen in Dragon Ball Z before. While it is always Goku fights the big baddy and the others maybe deal with the henchmen. This version even does not have any henchmen and Goku is gone. And so that is the very first “a two v two fight” we have never seen before.

In conclusion, the Android Saga may give audiences many fun experiments. Even though how awful it can be, just try it yourself and make your own experiences

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