Saves Goku – Jiren Has Gone Mad!

Saves Goku – Jiren Has Gone Mad!

Hey Guys! How’s it going on? I just watched the latest Dragon Ball Super episode 130 and it is terrible. I am not even lying. The animation was at it’s best, the drama, the fighting scenes and what not. This episode also portrayed Goku so well, it showed why he fights and how he gets up again and again!

Well, I have SOME INSANE SPOILERS for you guys. Well I pretty much called this out and told you about these spoilers weeks before but barely anyone believed me. Well, still I am going to share some things which suddenly came up in the end of the episode WHICH JUST MADE ME JUMP FROM MY CHAIR. I am not even kidding.

This is your LAST WARNING. After this I would be sharing the spoilers. I know that not many of you would have watched the episode but well… cmon guys, we only have 2 episodes, you will get spoiled anyway, why don’t you get spoiled here. Just kidding, well again I am telling you guys, after this, HEAVY SPOILERS are coming!

Okay, guys so the spoilers about Goku falling from the stage is true. HOLD ON, hold on. He falls and is going to be eliminated but someone saves him. Can you guess who is it? YES, it’s our god damn Golden Frieza. He used his remaining strength to save Goku. Well that’s not the whole thing. Frieza is actually helping out.

The spoilers about Frieza hitting Jiren with a death beam at him might be just fake as I don’t think he’s trying to play any mean tricks this time. This time, he’s trying to play as a team and save his own ass. Well that is also good for us. Well, by team, I just don’t mean a team of 2. YES, what you are thinking is right!

Damn, I told ALL OF YOU that he is alive. He wasn’t eliminated or removed from the God Pad or anything. I told every single one of you and majority of you called me crazy and didn’t believe me. Where are you guys now? Trust us a bit more, will ya? We try to post only true / honest news here.

Well, guys these were some part of the episode. Well this was mainly the last 30 seconds of the episode which gave a HUGE shocker to all of us who watched it. Seriously, Toei Animation and Toriyama played a big one on us. Android 17 fans would be crying tears of joy that their MVP of Tournament of Power is back in the game now!

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