Six weird points in Dragon Ball Z

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6 Things About Dragon Ball Z That Make No Sense :

  1. Not all characters using gun, why?


Who needs an AK-47 to show their powerful capability or an Volswagen to run while they they have enough energy, skills to jump high and fight against the enemy.

Dragon Ball is all about physically struggling each other together with yelling, screaming and sometimes hitting each other. If character just pull the gun’s trigger and bomb! That would show no remarks about his movements, thinking or magic skill.

To some extent, gun however is helpful as well as to the weaker in type of self-defense.

  1. Only fool guy Goku alive


Making an imagination of Goku with Clark Kent, who was sent to earth to save the world. We would see that both of them tend to follow a paragon of virtue. He never accept playing tricks or any dirty stuffs to get  the fame.

One evidence to Goku’s stupidity is that his feeling really surprising as he discovered basic facts in life like medicine makes our ill body feel healthier or healing your paints and many of other uses.  Maybe this is because he fell into deep crack of mountain and hit his head by the cliff.

  1. Only dumpest dady alive

Gohan – as a Goku’s child – is raised to grow up as a fighter.  Goku has his son to be under dangers almost everyday, is this the way of raising of an “intelligent” dad ? When he was kinder-garden age, Gohan had to battle Vegeta. About punching, throwing up and down… happen to him frequently.


The result of that touchstone training, a 11-year boy defeat the most powerful being known to man in order to save the entire Earth.

Maybe at the end of Dragon Ball Z, Goku’s worst parental ability eventually becomes greater and ends up being right all along. Finally, he made decision to leave alone with his son and focus on training.

  1. Popo


Just go ahead!

  1. Solar Flare used all the time


Solar Flare is considered to be one of the most powerful  moves, which can shoot out a huge mass of flashes that make enemies blinded and lose consciousness. Sinply, this looks like chilly-spray.  This skill  belongs to Krillin,  who seems to be carefree through series.

Then how to be safe as you have to cope with Solar Flare, it is glasses. In case of a wise man, he will start rocking Raybans, what should we do to handle this. Get lost the shitty shades off of their face and THEN explode Solar Flare and throw away in a Destructo Disk.

  1. Hope a long-life for Krillin


Krillin is closely connected to drama, he has making a lot of drama for Goku to rise in Dragon Ball Z.  So everyone often has the common wish that collecting  lots of Dragon Ball to make Krillin immortal.

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