South Korean Krispy Kreme introduces Pokemon doughnuts

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Pokémon GO might look like a fad to some, but for us Pokéfans, it’s been a long fandom. Businesses cashing in on the Pokémon GO wave isn’t much of a surprise. You might remember the Pokémon GO burgers which came out a while ago, and now we have Pokémon GO doughnuts!

South Korean Krispy Kreme introduces Pokemon doughnuts-tc-anime-blog

This time it’s Krispy Kreme who is jumping on the wave. South Korean Krispy Kreme shops have started offering Pokémon GO doughnuts, in the faces of Pikachu and Squirtle, and also in the shape of Pokéballs.

South Korean Krispy Kreme introduces Pokemon doughnuts-tc-anime-blog

A Pokéball doughnut will cost you 1,800 won (1.63 USD), a Squirtle doughnut will cost you 2,000 (1.80 USD), while a Pikachu doughnut will set you back by 2,500 won (2.27 USD). The special combo named “Pokémon Dozen” for 15,000 won (16.30 USD), which includes some regular donuts, too.

South Korean Krispy Kreme introduces Pokemon doughnuts-tc-anime-blog

Now, none of us would want to eat the smiling face of a Pikachu, but on a donut, it is just good business. Pokémon GO trainers have been flocking in to grab these ever since they were first available.

However, there is no word on whet these doughnuts will ever be available in Krispy Kreme stores outside South Korea, but if they get popular enough, we expect that they will be. Hype runs the Pokémon GO train, after all!

Source: Krispy Kreme South Korea

Via: GameRant


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