[Spoilers] Dragon Ball Super Ep 58 ‘ The Mystery Of Zamasu And Black ‘

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Breaking News! Dragon Ball Super Ep 58 Title And Summary Revealed!!

The title is- ‘Zamasu And Black. The deep mystery of the two’. 

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Goku And Co were cornered by Zamasu and Goku Black but they succeed in returning to the past in the nick of time. Beerus, Whis, and even Kaioushin appear before them when they are curing their injuries with Senzus. What is the real identity of Black which they have been thinking about?

Getting his hands on Senzu,Goku wants to return to the future at once. His fighting spirit has still not disappeared.

Futute Mai doesn’t give up on resisting! Beerus and Whis also appear! What is the surprising answer they come up with by investigating and the hints from the future they got from Goku And co?

This Week’s Zamasu
Searching for the secret of the Dragon Balls!
Present Zamasu heads to the Zunou’s to ask about the Super Dragon Balls. While Threatening Zunou and waiting for the answer, he also asks about Goku?

This title and summary is official. It was posted by Gojiitaaf a very reliable source and the scans are from DB-Z . Com!

So this reveals a whole lot of information. I bet you guys are as excited as I am. So, they somehow managed to escape from the Future. In episode 56, they were in a real mess. So, it would be really interesting to see how they escape. Maybe they will create a distraction and barely escape like the last time. From the summary, it looks like there won’t be any Senzu Bean in play in the Future timeline. As they state they are healed by the Senzu’s after returning to the past. This encounter apparently caught a lot of attention as Whis, Beerus and Kaioshins appear before them.

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