[Spoilers] ‘Dragon Ball Super’ Episodes 62, 63 : Titles, Plots & Air Dates Revealed

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“Dragon Ball Super” is enjoying the height of its popularity as the manga series creates numerous headlines with its thrilling plot that avid fans cannot afford to miss.

A couple of days to go prior to its release date, “Dragon Ball Super” Episode 61 is already creating buzz in the web. An unconfirmed report shared that the upcoming episode nabbed the title “Zamasu’s Ambition / The Human Elimination Plan Divulged.” It is said to reveal the highly anticipated identity of Goku Black and Zamasu’s main objective of destroying humans.

While Goku Black transforms to Super Saiyan Rose to unleash his strongest powers and to assure his victory against his powerful enemies, Goku, Vegeta, Future Trunks, Beerus and Whis were also believed to apply their skills and strategies in beating the evil plans of Goku Black.

Adding noise to the growing spoilers of the phenomenal Japanese series are the recent updates about the forthcoming episodes 62 and 63.

Episode 62 is titled “Trunks’ Super Power!” and is slated to premiere on October 16. The name seems to hint Trunks’ acquisition of massive energy and strength than Super Saiyan 2 and is likely to throw ultimate fights among his opponents.

Episode 63 is called “Vegeta’s Fierce Battle.” From the label itself, the audience can infer that Vegeta is already appointed with a violent fight and rumors have it that he will either try to tear down either Black Goku or Zamasu. Followers of “DBS” can expect more of the showdown on October 23rd.

Indeed, the clash of the strongest forces will showcase their fierce and strapping personas.

It looks like endless battles await the characters of the epic “Dragon Ball Super” and its huge fan base are sure to have amazing pre-Halloween treats.

The “DBS'”action and excitement continue every Sunday on Fuji TV.


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