[Spoilers] ‘Dragon Ball Super’ from Episode 52 to 54: Different Gohan, Black Goku As Zamasu, Vegeta Trains Future Trunks And More Details!

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Who Is Black Goku in ‘Dragon Ball Super’

As recent “Dragon Ball Super” spoilers hinted, the mystery behind Black Goku’s real identity will be revealed in episode 52, 53 and 54. The plot of the following episodes were leaked online and Attack of the Fanboy has the details.

According to the “Dragon Ball Super” spoilers teased on the site, the coming episodes will look into the possibility that Black Goku and Zamasu are the same persons. Fans could also witness Vegeta training Future Trunks.

‘Dragon Ball Super’ Spoiler Alert from Episode 52 to 54

“Dragon Ball Super” spoilers for episode 52 suggest that “Bulma hurries to repair the time machine and comprehends its energy,” the site noted. “Meanwhile, the Trunks from the future goes to meet Gohan, who had been his master in the world of the future. However, Trunks is bewildered to find that the Gohan who shows up is completely different than the one he knew.”

“Dragon Ball Super” episode 53 will then focus on how “Universe 10’s apprentice Kaioshin, Beerus and Whis head to Universe 10 together with Goku. In order to verify his Ki, Goku challenges Zamasu (who distrusts humanity).”

Finally, “Dragon Ball Super” spoilers for episode 54 claims that “Though they know that Zamasu and Black have extraordinary similar Ki, they are unable to obtain any proof that they two are the same person. Meanwhile, Vegeta tells Future Trunks ‘I’m going to give you training.'”

Stay tuned for more “Dragon Ball Super” spoilers here!


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