[Spoilers] Dragon Ball Super – Fusion Confirmed! SSB Gogeta vs Zamasu Black (merged)?!

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Dragon Ball Super Episode 62: “I’ll Protect The World!Trunk’s Angry Super Power Explosion!!” Airing Date- October 16th

Description Combined From Source 1,2 and the old one-
Son Goku and co have eliminated the zamasu in the present but the future hasn’t still changed. Goku and Co return to the present. Vegeta says,”We can’t beat them in head-on battle” but Piccolo replies”in that case, there is one thing you can do”
Going to The Turtle Hermit- Master Roshi to learn the evil containment wave!
Trunks entrust Goku with finding a way of defeating Zamasu and Company. After returning to the past, Goku asks the turtle hermit to teach him the evil containment wave, but…?!
In order to defeat Zamasu and Goku Black for sure this time Goku and co has come to the future once again, but Zamasu and Goku Blacks’ battle power far surpasses their own. Future Trunks tries to stand against them, but they accuse him, “you are the cause of it all.”

‘Dragon Ball Super Episode 63’ source 2 doesn’t reveal much so I’m going to mention source 1 only!

Dragon Ball Super Episode 63 Title- “Don’t Defile Saiyan Cells! The Curtain Rises on Vegeta’s Intense Battle!!” Airing Date- October 23rd
Although Trunks puts his life on the line battling against Zamasu and Goku Black in order to protect the world of the future, Goku Black inflicts critical damage on him and is about to finish him off. However , at that moment Goku And Vegeta return to the battlefield.
Dragon Ball Super Episode 64: “Praise and Adore him! The Explosive Birth of Merged Zamasu!!” Airing Date- October 30th

I think we all can pretty much understand what they are hinting. Goku Black and Zamasu both have Potara earring on and we know for a fact that if one of them switches it to the other ear they will merge or fuse into one even stronger being. So by this time Vegeta and Company will somewhat push Black and Zamasu to their limits or some kind of problematic situation to overcome which they will fuse. It could also be to counter the evil containment which doesn’t get mentioned in the preview after Episode 62. Maybe after Zamasu gets sealed or is about to get attack Black will risk it all and merge to become extremely powerful.

So, you could probably also guess what this could lead to. Dragon Ball Super might answer the fans. Yes, guys, it looks like we are on the verge of getting Super Saiyan Blue Goku and Vegeta fusion. So, let’s take a look at episode 65 title!
Dragon Ball Super Episode 65: “Final Judgment?! The Supreme God’s Ultimate Power” Airing Date- November 6th

Guys this title and ‘ The Supreme God’s Ultimate Power’ is probably refereeing to the Zamasu and Black fusion. Supreme Kai, Supreme God you know what I mean right? So, that’s the most likely scenario.


However, it could also be refereeing to some other events like, to Counter The Evil God Black Zamasu; Goku and Vegeta might fuse to become The Supreme God and reach an ultimate form of power. Or there’s one material that has not been used till now, that is the Zeno button. It could in one way or the get pressed and ‘ The Omni-King ‘ might appear. Final Judgment could be hinting that too. Even the Zeno is friends with Goku he might want to hear out both sides. IF Black-Zamasu informs Omni-king about how Trunks is the one who started it all by breaking the laws of time it would be interesting to see his reaction. Also, it would be interesting to see how he deals with Goku or Beerus not telling him about all this. Especially, time traveling is illegal and Gods didn’t do anything about it even after knowing it. What if he announces a trial by combat? This is very unlikely but the obvious is already talked about. So, I am just trying to know how you guys feel about other possibilities. Anyways like I said earlier it is probably refereeing to Zamasu Black’s merged form.



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