The Best Villain in DB History: Goku Black

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Today I will be discussing my personal favorite character/villain Goku Black. Please no hate comments and remember this is just my opinion. Feel free to comment your favorite villain. Without wasting anymore time let’s began. Spoilers Ahead


Introduction/Appearance of Goku Black

Ever since we were hinted of Future Trunks coming back and hearing there is a villain named “Goku Black,” many people spectated of this new villain being a evil Goku. Finally the episode we had been waiting for which was episode 47 came out! Goku Black was showcased as a very heartless and careless villain killing Bulma and many innocent lives destroying the peace of Future Trunks world. The way he was shown on the end of the episode when the darkness and shadows blew across the villain we all know and love Goku Black was finally shown in the anime giving a speech no one could forget “Today’s the day you die Saiyan” when this happened, for the first time I gained goosebumps and watched the episode about 5 times, the way he was showcased and his design with green earnings really showed a unique personality that lives in him.


His Personality

King Piccolo, Freiza, Perfect Cell, and Majin Buu all had unique personalities but Goku Black’s personality is a whole new level of pure evilness. Ok if you don’t agree with me on this let’s listen to the list of thinks about Goku Black’s personality. He laughs at pain! No one laughs at pain especially if your being beaten to the death. Goku Black talks in a way as if he was the God of Destruction, he speaks as a higher rank and sees everyone a failure to the gods. Also he seems very confident at times like when saw Beerus he didn’t freak out like Golden Freiza or when he fought not only 1 Saiyan as super Saiyan blue but two super Saiyan blues which I am referring to Goku and Vegeta. Oh man I love this character…


His Character and Identity

Goku Black has been a long time mystery throughout the episodes. It was revealed that he is indeed Zamasu from another timeline but if you think about this was not a disappointment and did not ruin Goku Blacks character. Here’s why, first off he is his own character when it comes to fighting or wanting to become the stronger similar to Goku but different in a way. It’s hard to explain but when it comes to justice and intelligence he is Zamasu character. His character is a mixture of Goku and Zamasu making one unique character. The way he choose to switch body’s with Goku and team with Zamasu is actually brilliant, one Zamasu is immortal and the other is Goku Black who is incredibly stronger and continues to grow stronger over time through fighting.


Goku Black’s Fighting Style

The way he improves over time after fighting with Goku each battle is pretty crazy to think about it. If hit battled Goku Black and they both kept growing in power who knows who would win, sorry off topic.. Anyways Goku Black plays smart when it comes to fighting he doesn’t go all out without a plan. He is always winning because Goku and the co always fight with a plan to beat him. Goku Black gradually getting stronger every time Goku reveals more of his power which really gives Black the advantage in fighting. Goku Black learns through his mistakes which can sound silly but sounds something Goku would never do which is why he always loses his guard and always holds back when he gets into a fight.


The Villain who actually accomplished most of his Goals.

Wow wow, give Goku Black a reward or something. He has actually done what no villain has done ever. He managed to kill all the kais getting rid of all the Gods and then was able to get rid of many humans on other planets. Also he succeed getting help with his other timeline self and having him becoming immortal. Goku Black succeed gaining Gokus body. Most of Zamasu/Goku Black’s plans have come to a great success and it’s surprising. Almost the whole population on earth is gone. The Zero Mortals Plan is nearly completed and most of their goals have already been completed. Also keep in mind they defeated Goku and the co twice!!!! Crazy to think about it? This is why I love Goku Black!!!


That’s all I really have to say about the villain Goku Black. These are the reasons why I truly think he is the best villain in all DragonBall. I want to thank you all for reading and hope you have a good day. See ya -Dragon

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