The End of Dragon Ball Super Officially Confirmed!

The End of Dragon Ball Super Officially Confirmed!

So, guys, the news broke a few hours ago, that the current running tournament of power arc in the Dragon Ball Super series, will wrap up by March 24TH or 25th. And that might as well be the very last arc of the Dragon Ball super series.Yes, you heard it right. With the tournament of power arc, Dragon ball super might just be ending as well in March.

So, there’s news that as of April 1st Dragon ball Super will stop being broadcasted and it will be replaced by a new anime in that time slot called kitaro or something. Whatever, I don’t really care.

Well guys, the good news is Dragon Ball super is not going away because of low ratings or viewership, it’s been vastly successful all over the world. But there’s a dragon ball movie coming out this December about the origins of saiyans or something related to the saiyan and the news here is that the entire production crew will be shifted to the production of the movie just so it’s absolutely perfect and everything looks and feels amazing in the movie. So, there’s a chance that after the movie is done, if it does well, Super might be back in January of 2019… It might still be called super, or they may name it something else, I don’t know.
So, even in the best case scenario, Dragon Ball super will go on in a 9 months’ hiatus.

However, the worrying part is that, even though there’s no official news about Super actually ending in March and it never coming back, there’s no confirmation that it will be back in 2019 yet either.

So, it looks like all those theories about the next arc being about planet sadala and vegeta or whatever has been laid to rest. It looks like the tournament of power arc is going to be the last arc of Super that we’ll get to see, may be in a while or may be ever.
So, let me know what you guys think… Do you think it might just be an April fool’s prank or do you think the news’ legit? However, I personally would suggest not to be too hopeful, because the news source is indeed quite legitimate.

So, that’s the video guys. Sorry for being the bearer of bad news with this one. For more Dragon Ball super content, news, spoilers, breakdown etc subscribe to our youtube channel and let me know what you guys would like to see contents about if Super actually does come to an end. And thanks for watching this video guys… I’ll see you all, in the next one.

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