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Out of all of Luffy’s rivals, Law is the only one that lacks a fleet

the next evo - save the sea

THE HEART PIRATE FLEET - tc anime blog

this panel clearly implies that Kid has more than one ship, meaning that he likely does have a fleet

And we can’t forget about Luffy’s “Grand Fleet”

THE HEART PIRATE FLEET - tc anime blog

So what about Law?

THE HEART PIRATE FLEET - tc anime blog

While Luffy and Law are currently in an alliance, they are clearly rivals; both Luffy and Law themselves even acknowledged this rivalry in Punk Hazard.

If Law is to compete with Luffy and Kid, he must surely have some sort of fleet in order to keep up with them

I believe that this fleet will come from none other than Gekko Moriah

Yes, I believe Moriah will join the Heart pirate at the Wano Arc

THE HEART PIRATE FLEET - tc anime blog

As we have seen, Law has no problem with recruiting strong crewmates such as Jean Barte, so the idea about him recruiting Moria isn’t absolutely impossible

But why would Law recruit Moriah in the first place?

Well here are a few reasons

  • their Devil Fruits have a symbiotic relationship

Moriah’s main power revolves around creating Zombies. However,Moriah can only create Zombies with the aide of a surgeon. Due to his devil fruit Law is the best Surgeon. Law and Moriah are practically the wombo combo, if they combine strengths, they could easily create zombies far stronger than oars imo

  • they have similar pasts

both Moriah and Law have had loved ones killed by a maniacal pirate, furthermore both Moriah and Law have dedicated their entire lives to avenging their loved ones by trying to kill the pirate that cause the deaths of said loved ones. When Kaido is defeated, how will Moriah react? How will Moriah react to the defeat of someone who he spent his whole life trying to kill? Moriah would be confused, he wouldn’t know what to do with his life now that his main goal has been accomplished, Moriah would be ruined. Then Law would come, being as Law has been in the same situation, he would tell Moria what Sengoku told him

THE HEART PIRATE FLEET - tc anime blog

Moriah would then go on to live his life as he wished, he would think back to his youth and think about his old dream, about being the pirate king. However, Moriah is too old and too weak, there’s no way someone like him could be pirate king and he knows it. Furthermore Moriah would think back to his crew, he would realize how much he loved his crew and yearn to have such friends again. Law would then come and offer to recruit him, Moriah would see in Law what he saw in his crew(before his defeat, Moriah was a lot like Luffy in a way), and decide to join Law in the hope of making Law pirate king and help Law to achieve the dream he never could.

  • an alliance with Law and Luffy is inevitable

Moriah obviously hasn’t forgotten about Kaido, and we know that he has been active in the new world, as he exposed the Kid alliance to the WG.

THE HEART PIRATE FLEET - tc anime blog

THE HEART PIRATE FLEET - tc anime blog

Being as Moriah will obviously be brought back into the story, it only makes sense that he ally with Luffy and Law, being as they are his best bet to defeating Kaido. I however believe that Moriah will have a greater relationship with Law than Luffy, this is due to their similar backstory as i mentioned earlier, as well as the fact that Luffy ruined Thriller Bark, something he was still salty(hahaha) about at Marineford. Furthermore Luffy doesn’t like the whole thing Moriah does with zombies, whereas Law is cool with killing people, so i doubt using people as zombies is a big problem to him.

the next evo - save the sea

 Theory by Monkey D Theories

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