The Justice League of Dragon Ball Super

The Justice League of Dragon Ball Super

Dragon Ball Super has finally started to highlight fighters of other Universes ahead of The Tournament of Power. In Dragon Ball Super Episode 85, we get a look at some of the fighters of Universe 11, and the badass Pride Troopers Team in action. At this point of time, it’s almost confirmed that U11 is going to pose the biggest challenge in the battle, and might have a lasting rivalry with Universe 7; because no other Universe has been hyped up this much by DBS.

Even in the opening of Dragon Ball Super, we prominently see the presence of Jiren the strongest fighter of Universe 11, as he goes toe to toe with even Super Saiyan Blue Kaioken Goku. Although the Zen Exhibition was between Universe 7 and 9; 11 was the Universe to steal the spotlight, and gave us a sense of a real threat that awaits us in the Tournament.

I really liked the concept of Pride Troopers, they are a refreshing unique addition to the DBU. I think the scenes with them in Episode 85 were the bests. In a matter of fact, I would go on to say to that it would have been better if the entire Episode was about them, yes I liked them that much.

It started with an exceptional scene; we don’t see these type of things too often in Dragon Ball. That is we see Toppo all suited up and classy. He was like in a luxurious club or bar type of place, and we understand that Goku really got into his head. He is like the lead protector of his Universe, and he is going through a depression knowing the risk they are in now. Also, it seemed like he feels he was outplayed by Goku, something he probably didn’t experience much before. Although we know Goku is totally innocent, there’s no question of him being responsible. Like, Vados again in very clear words explained how if it wasn’t for Goku’s proposal all the lower ranked Universes would be destroyed now anyway, they should thank Goku for arranging a chance to survive, but even though Toppo and others have the wrong idea in their mind. I understand them, as they are on the verge of extinction not only of their self but everything they know off. So, obviously, emotion would rule over logic. Toppo is a good guy from the core, just like Goku. They now have a misunderstanding, and I believe by the end of this they’ll shake hands.

The reason Pride Troopers bring a lot of variety the table, is they are a team of Superheroes basically. Almost like a Justice League or Avengers type of take in the DBU. Our Z fighters are the best heroes don’t get me wrong on that, but they are not the typical peace protecting justice warriors. I bet you know what I mean.

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