The leaflets in Japan reveal Goku’s new rival in ‘Dragon Ball Super’ Movie

The leaflets in Japan reveal Goku’s new rival in ‘Dragon Ball Super’ Movie

The team behind the successful “Dragon Ball Super” anime recently updated the movie’s official website. It updated after the release of the first trailer of the animated film. It features Son Goku preparing for battle. Saiyan’s favorite fans is wearing his iconic orange Gi while performing several stretching exercises. He is in an icy landscape with his opponent standing on top of a hill or mountain capped with ice. While there are no new details about the movie on the official site, new information about a flyer in Japan surprised many fans.

On the popular social networking site Twitter, the famous anime’s content creator and translator Herms shares with the fans of “Dragon Ball Super” the flyers are being released in Japan.

Leaflets resemble the movie’s new poster. On the other hand is the silhouette of Son Goku’s new rival. The shadow shows that his enemy has a tail. The character being teased in the trailer is the character that appears in the leaflets. According to Herms , these flyers are distributed in theaters in Japan.

The pamphlets contain the text, “A Saiyan Without Limits.” Besides advertising for the upcoming animated film, these promotional materials are also used to promote the fans. Currently, many fans are speculating about the identity of the latest Warrior that Son Goku will face in the upcoming movie. Many people think that might be the legendary Super Saiyan God Yamoshi. Others believe that it could be overpowered Broly.

Currently, the team behind the successful animated series has not yet to confirm anything about Son Goku’s new rival.

While releasing the forthcoming mobile game “Dragon Ball Legends,” the producer revealed that one of the newest characters that fans will see in the game will also be in the upcoming anime movie. They launched Shallot who was originally penned by the legendary creator of the franchise—Akira Toriyama. This has fans speculating that the opponent shown in the movie’s trailer could be Shallot. However, compared to the mysterious character shown in the trailer, Shallot has blue armor covering his body. Aside from this, he has a small build compared to the bulky Saiyan in the video.

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