The One Above Zeno- Dragon Ball Super Theory

The One Above Zeno- Dragon Ball Super Theory

In Dragon Ball Super Episode 83, in a special match approved by Zeno himself, Goku fights the leader of the pride troopers, Toppo, but before the epic Clash could get a winner the match gets stopped. You would think only Zeno himself could call that match off, since he is the one who approved it, and he was enjoying it so much he was probably getting 3 orgasms every second, but it gets directly stopped by The Great Priest, it was his call, he did that without even asking for permission. He did check in with Zeno afterwards, and Zeno seemed ok with it, but then again he never says no to anything. This also implies that The Great Priest either knew Zeno would not do anything dangerous to him or Zeno cannot do anything dangerous with him.

The bottom line is, Priest stopped the match first by his decision. Also, almost all the announcements of the tournament is given by him, now we wonder how much influence he had over those decisions. Could all these be subtle hints that The Great Priest is above Zeno?

Who is this Great Priest, he is like the head of the Angels right? Whis called him father, we don’t know if he is connected like that with all other angels too.

In the anime, Whis says The Great Priest or The Grand Priest is one of the top 5 strongest fighters in existence. However, in the manga he specifically says that The Priest is the strongest, but most probably Zeno is not considered. He is above this kind of comparison or can’t even be considered as a fighter.

So, like The Great Priest is in the top of the Angel hierarchy you could say, what about Zeno?

He surely is not off the Angel kind, but could be ranked in the God kind. So, since we put The Great Priest in the top of the Angel kind we could say Zeno is the top of The God of Destruction Kind. Maybe that’s why he is into destruction so much, while The Gods of Destruction takes care of planetary level destruction, he takes cares of Universal level of destruction. Like, previously there was 18 Universes but he destroyed 6 for reasons unknown.

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