"The Rebirth of Krillin"- Dragon Ball Super Episode 84 Thoughts

"The Rebirth of Krillin"- Dragon Ball Super Episode 84 Thoughts

Dragon Ball Super Episode 84 was really really awesome. Krillin is such a badass. This episode connected with me on an emotional, spiritual level.

After years of waiting, my player Krilin finally got the Spotlight. This episode answered everyone who had doubts about Krillin’s inclusion as a Survival Fighter in the U7 team. He not only outsmarted Gohan, but also earned his right to confront Super Saiyan Blue Goku, and for someone who has been out of all forms of fighting and training he was god damn impressive. Gohan and Goku wanted to test Krillin’s strength, but both of them ended up getting a lesson or wakeup call for themselves which will have impact on how they approach the Battle Royal.

In Episode 83, Goku and Gohan engaged in an image battle in their attempt to speculate how Krillin would do in the Tournament of Power, but none of them knew where Krillin stands currently. Especially, Gohan didn’t even know that Krillin got his fighting spirits back recently, and that he started training. So, the image battle outcome was not accurate at all. However, they decided to test Krillin’s strength on person.

Even though Goku was leaning towards including Krillin, Gohan was quite hesitant. Goku grew up training with Krillin, so he knows very well what Krillin is capable of doing, and just how much fighting intelligence he has. Case not exactly the same for Gohan.

In order to understand Krillin, so that Gohan can develop a proper team plan for the battle, he challenged Krillin to fight with similar rules as that of the Battle Royal and much to everyone’s surprise Krillin outwits Gohan, and actually goes on to win the mini challenge. We find out that, Krillin developed his Solar Flare technique, and made it 100 times better, like it’s called Solar flare times 100. That was good enough to distract Gohan long enough to knock him out. It’s actually fun to see how Krillin is multiplying his attack powers since he don’t have transformation like Super Saiyan 2 or 3. That’s one way intelligent way to keep up.

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